Pregnant after neonatal loss and now bleeding

Hi all, I lost my son back in August at 36 weeks plus 4 days, he was breech and got starved of oxygen at birth. Now 6 weeks pregnant and feeling anxious. I startEd bleeding heavily on Tuesday, had a scan yesterday and they found a heartbeat but could not see the reason for the bleeding. they checked and my cervix was still closed yesterday but the bleeding will not stop, is bright red and I have period like cramps. I have to go back in 2 weeks for another scan but am just panicking that I’m going to miscarry. Has anyone had this happen?


  • First of all I am so sorry for the loss of your little boy :(

    I didn’t want to just read and run as I remember being desperate to read good news stories when it was me googlino for reassurance! I had similar to what you describe and bleeding on and off until around 12 weeks...and also had a scan at 6 weeks where a heartbeat was found as I had been having bright red bleeding. I have a 12 week old baby boy so all turned out all okay :) I also had the same with my little girl who is now 4 at about 9 weeks so was shocked at the time to find out I was still pregnant as it was bright red the first time too!

    Hope everything turns out okay for you :)

  • Marieph, I can’t really help with the bleeding but I just wanted to say how sorry i am about your little boy and to say how brave you are being with your new pregnancy. Losing a baby is horrendous and you must still be grieving. I really hope this pregnancy works out for you.xxxxx

  • Thank you, it’s good to hear that it can all work out. x

  • Hello. I have had good and bad experiences with bleeding. Pregnancy 1 miscarried at 6 weeks with bleeding and clear end of pregnancy. Pregnancy 2 spotting in first trimester and threatened miscarriage then hematoma diagnosed. It got better with progestreone tablets (was abroad) resulting in healthy girl. Pregnancy 3 no bleeding and put myself on progesterone tablets (from abroad) with consultant approval resulting in healthy twins. Pregnancy 4  (30 weeks now) was a surprise so unprepared. Heavy unexplained bleeding at 5-6 weeks then massive bleeding and clots at 8 weeks with A&E trips. It was a hematoma.  I asked doctor to speak to consultant about progesterone again and got pessaries (in UK). Bleeding eased and cleared up by second trimester. So I'd say get it checked out, see if it's hormonal or a hematoma, have some bed rest and stay hydrated. Also check your iron as blood loss made my anaemia worse. Good luck

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