Nub theory?!

Hello, currently expecting my third little love & am so over the moon! Thought id have a bit of harmless fun while waiting to see if we're expecting another little boy (already have two!) or if we are going to have a surprise baby girl - we have unfortunately suffered 3 miscarriages since our little boys so to be blessed with this baby is a miracle in itself so I am more than happy with either gender! (Who isnt curious though to find out what gender their little one is?) I came across 'nubtechs' on here and thought why not, a bit of fun during the long wait to find out, not sure I agree with them though? (Attached their result) During my scan the sonographer told me what nubtechs have labelled our nub is actually a leg? Thought id see anyone elses opinions as im totally clueless about nub theory but i find it interesting & as i say a bit of harmless fun during these long pregnancy months! Find out for sure next week Ximage


  • Hey I sent my scan 12 week pic to a site 

    the gender experts and they did the nub theory on mine and guessed GIRL which in fact it was a girl..

    clearly it works.. I’m having a scan this Thursday 2nd pregnancy and not sure whether to send photo off because then I will no if that makes sense... I think the theory is true x

  • I tried nubtechs and also gender experts and theyve both said boy,  I just cant see an obvious nub and what they have diagrammed was described to me as a leg during our scan so i'm a little bit dubious whether to expect my gender scan to say it is infact

    0a boy or keep an open mind, my gender scan is this Saturday so we will soon see if it was right for me too! X

  • Do u have children already? are you excited if a boy? I have a gir and dying for a boy . 

    What u think mine is 


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