No symptons at 6 weeks and worried if pregnancy is progressing due to my age


after a year of trying i have conceived naturally - still sinking in! Took changes in lifestyle on part of my man and also to keep faith as monthly waiting and then getting period very disheartening.

instead of being over the moon i am now SO stressed and consumed with worry i will lose what it so precious.  alot of close friends have lost babies early on and as i feel great bar my breast being a tiny bit more sensitive i feel fine - maybe the lack of booze is the reason.

i have scan in 2 weeks and am in the dark until then

can someone reassure me it is ok at this stage to not have symptons? 


  • Hey :) im in the same boat. Im now 10 weeks pregnant, & no symptoms other than crying a lot & sore breasts. I’ve had 3 scans & each one we’ve seen a strong little heartbeat. So I guess sometimes even though there are no symptoms, miracles still do happen. I had a miscarriage in January this year, & had horrible painful cramps Tuesday evening so am booked in for a scan tomorrow because I’m a terrible worrier, but we only worry because we care so much. It’s hard to do but we gotta try not to worry too much as baby can pick up on it. I hope your ickle bean is perfect & your scan in two weeks gives you some peace of mind :) xx 

  • Thank you sorry you had an ordeal so many lose a baby abd then have successful pregnancies x

    im only over five weeks and everyone different guess as i am in dark and had certain expectations its self preservation to be worried

    you have helped as during eatly time and neant to keep tooneself gd to have counsel from ithers going thru same thing

    prayers to you and to me xxx

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