Has anyone.................

.......... Found making love has helped labour along?
i have heard its ony if your cervix is favourable, im having really bad brackston hicks,back ache and i know she is head down and pushing all the time.
can anyone help?
emma xxxxxxx


  • I tried that when I was overdue and nothing happened. Its true that sperm contains the same chemicals as what they use to bring labour on but it will only work when your cervix is favourable.

    It may help with the braxton hicks anyway as for some reason sex can help with aches and pains!
  • suppose i can give it a go anyway.
    we have not done the deed since we got pregnant due to early m/c before my daughter but seen as she is almost cooked now i will give it ago xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Are you due now? Try a hot curry, as spicy food is supposed to help, so is excercise and driving over bumpy roads, although I'm only 29 weeks myself and so have not tested any of these theories but everything's worth a shot! Also one of the girls said that Clary sage oil in a burner is helpful for contractions but I don't know if this is during or to encourage them to start but you could try that too! Good luck, hope baby arrives soon xxx
  • I have tried spicy food, pineapple, sex, bouncing on ball, bumpy car ride, Raspberry leaf tea and I still cant encorage him! Sorry to put a downer on things. Im goin for reflexology at the weekend so fingers crossed. I'l let u know if that works.
  • thanks for the replys..............
    im 35+1 weeks so a bit to go but im in loads of pain with pds so wondred if a few weeks of sex would help this baby along.
    i didnt do any thing when i went in to labour with my daughter at 38 weeks but i ahd no problems wih her at all
    i have had every thing going with this one.
    emma xxxxxxxxx
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