Clear blue pregnancy test

morning girls!

i took a clear blue digital on Monday 12th November it stated 1-2 weeks. 

I have just took one (17th November) today and it states 3+. 

how come it hasn’t said 2-3 weeks? I’m confused? 



  • Your hormones are rising quickly and have edged more into what the test defines as in the zone for 3+ weeks rather than 2-3. its a very good sign that the pregnancy is going well ☺️

  • Thanks hun so I could technically be 3 weeks 1 day? Where as when I took it on Monday I could of been 2 weeks 3 days since conception? Xx

  • Hi I’ve done Clearblue blue not pregnant. I am Am not due on till the 23rd . Did a core test hg one got 2 lines image

  • Looks like you’re pregnant! Congratulations x

  • It’s hard to say for sure Lauren as the ranges they use are pretty big i think... you are right that it dates your pregnancy from time of conception but I wouldn’t trust it to be exact as the range is so big. it is now saying you are 3+ weeks which the doctors would say makes you 5+ weeks as they add on 2 weeks to take you back to around the 1st day of your cycle (they assume all women have a 28 day cycle!) whereas the CBD weeks indicator tells you from conception dates. The other thing that could’ve made you jump up & miss the 2-3 weeks is if when you tested on Monday your urine was more diluted than today (if you tested at a different time of day, had had more to drink, not held your pee as long etc). And of course theres always the possibility that there’s more than 1 in there so your hormones are increasing quicker than expected! 😉

  • I’m just a worrier. I’m hoping its not twins! Haha xx

  • Congratulations! We have a lovely Due in July 2019 birth club, right this way if you fancy checking it out...

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