Scombroid Poisoning - I'm terrified

I decided to treat myself to a rare delicacy of tuna steak.

After my first bite, the reaction was nearly immediate. Flushed face, headache out of nowhere. Initially I think ... no big deal. Might be the spice I used.

What alarmed me was the pain in my esophagus/stomach. I recognized it from when I got an allergic reaction to soy a while back. Same pain. Thought it was indigestion. Braved onward. Pain got worse.

I stopped. Did some research. Scombroid/histamine  poisoning is a disease due to the ingestion of contaminated food (mainly fish). In scombroid poisoning, bacteria have grown during improper storage of the dark meat of the fish and the bacteria produce scombroidtoxin. The effects can manifest within as soon as 2 minutes.

I threw what I could up (I threw out 2/3 of the tuna, and hadn't eaten much to begin with) and took 25mg of benadryl as recommended. That was 15 minutes ago. The symptoms are subsiding. My face feels cooler already, the pain almost gone.

I'm TERRIFIED of the effects that might have on the baby ... is it safe?  It's Saturday. The doctor isn't around. What do I do?


  • U cant self diagnose off Google. It's highly unlikely ur fish was contaminated. I wud suggest going docs and see what they say. They can do tests for allergies.but there's no point scaring yourself silly and thinking the worst x

  • Can't hit doctor for checkup. Saturday. They aren't open.

    Did manage to contact doctor from emergency line, however, and was told as long as I'm okay and the symptoms are going away, everything is going fine. Drink lots of water.

    Histamine poisoning I can get behind. It felt like mild anaphylaxis right out the gate, minus the difficulty breathing. The benadryl is kicking in, and I do feel much better.

    Good thing about this form of food poisoning is that it doesn't stay in the system long. Since I caught on so fast and didn't eat it all, then hurried to evacuate it from my system, I should be okay.

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