Prams - what do YOU think?

I'm having a real difficulty deciding what pram I will be getting as there are so many to choose from!

So in your opinion - what pram is the best? Can you tell me pros and cons etc...

Thanks ladies!

Gemma 12+3


  • Hi there

    We went for the M&P Ultima. It had a choice of chassis, folded easily, you could adjust the pushchair to face backwards or forwards, and it had a removeable bar to get the baby in.

    The pram turns into a travel cot, and the pushchair into a high chair. And there was ??200 off when I got it!

    If you just want a pram, not something that changes as the baby grows, I think the silver cross ones are lovely.

    Sal 17+6
  • hi you need to choose something that fits in with you, do have space for a large one what is going to be used for do you walk everywhere will you be catching public transport or what type of car does it have to fit in? will you be using it for baby to sleep in when not in moses basket or crib? i really wanted an emmaljunga mondial but there is no way it would fit in my little car!! also do you want a travel system or not so many things to consider they are so expensive, and i just know that by the time my baby is sitting up she will been getting a stroller! good luck xx
  • i had the emmaljunga one with my 2nd chloe it is a beautiful pram and my lill one slept wonderfully in it but it was huge had to take the wheels off and fold down the carrycot sides to get it in the car and when lo got to 4 months i hated the seat unit (wasnt as cute lol) so bought a maclaren and never looked back. this time ive been practical as i have a small flat so have bought the bugaboo bee and i love it but if you have a big built child it will be no good as its quite small both my girls are very petite so hoping this one will be too. good luck i hope you find the right pram for you
    claire x
  • I have the Bugaboo Chameleon, I LOVE it! The carrycot is great and because it has a proper mattress we used to use it as a crib when we went away. It folds down very easily (although there is a technique to it!) and fits nicely in most boots. It looks fab and is very comfy, my lo is 14 months and I have never considered buying a stroller - we just don't need one. We used the maxi cosi car seat with it and that was really handy for not waking up a sleeping lo! When the new baby comes I will be replacing it with a Phil and Teds as Neve won't be quite old enough to just use a buggy board but I really will be sad to stop using it!

    The only draw back in the raincover is a pain in the arse to fit.
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