I'm 35 + 4 and been for my ante natal today. Midwife felt my tummy and couldn't determine what position baby was in, said i was "Lumpy all over". The baby seems to be lying across the top of my tummy, above my naval, with its head at one side and its bottom at the other (this is my interpretation, not midwifes).

Midwife has now booked me in for hospital appt. with consultant in 3 days time to see if they can tell, and to have another scan. If baby is breech, will have to turn it, failing that will have to have C section.

The bottom half of my tummy is very jelly like and not solid like the top half and babys head should be getting ready/engaging by now. Am getting really worried and anxious. Also midwife said full term is 37 wks, and i could start labour from then.

Does anyone else have experience of baby still lying sideways/breech and in upperhalf of tum at this stage, and if so what happened?

Please help, am really tearful and being a soft bugga!



  • Mine was breech at 30 weeks but like you I was concerned as I wanted to avoid a section. I found a homeopathic remedy called Pulsatilla 30c that has been known to be effective at encouraging babies into the right position so I went to my local health shop & got some & started taking it immediately. I felt alot of movement that evening & a scan 2 days later showed that it had turned & was head down.

    Also a friend of mine was saying her baby was breech til 38 weeks & then just turned by itself. Try not to worry to much coz it does still have time to turn but there are lots of things that can help if you want to give things a helping hand

    Hilary x
  • Hi i had a section cos lo was breech from 28 weeks & really didn't budge from then,tried to have her turned but dr said she was like a egg in a egg cup & wasn't going to had Grace by section at 38 weeks,like you i was so upset & cried when they said i needed a section cos she was my 1st & i wanted a natural birth,but now it dosn't matter i had her the safest way for both of us & having a section really wasn't as bad as i thought it was going to be,have you tried lying on the floor on all fours when lo's a wake with shoulders as low as you can get them & your bum high in the air? babies ment to realise there's more room so encourages them to turn,good luck! but if you have a section honestly its not the end of the world xoxo
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