Group b strep test - anyone done one?

Hi, I'm after a bit of advice from anyone who may have done one of these tests. I got the free testing kit ages ago (I understand I have to pay for the lab to process the test when I send it to them), however in the info that came with the test it says that you can get a 'health professional' to take the swabs & the results will be sent to them, with a copy also sent to you.
When I mentioned this to my midwife at my last appointment, she was very dismissive about it, just said I should sort it all out myself. The test should ideally be done when you're between 35 & 37wks pregnant, & I'm currently 33wks, so I need to do it soon.
Any advice would be much appreciated!


  • I haven't done one yet but I've got one at home ready and waiting. Mine doesn't say to have the swabs taken by a health prof but it does ask for my midwife's name and address to send the results to. I'm going to do the swabs myself, it can't be that hard surely?! Well I hope not! The instructions seem very straight forward. This subject really annoys me as the results of the test are so important, life-threatening for the baby, and yet no one i.e. GP/Midwife seem that bothered about the test!! How frustrating!!

    Good luck with the test xxxx

  • I did one and sent it off yesterday. A copy of the results will be posted to my midwife and I also get a copy. I did the swabs myself as it didn't say anything about getting my midwife to do it. Hopefully I should have the results early next week.

  • Thanks girls! I sent an email to the group b strep support organisation & got a reply back straight away. They suggested asking my gp, but if all else fails I can do it all myself & have the results sent straight to me, which is good to know. I totally agree that it's frustrating that no one seems to care about these tests - when I think of the unnecessary (in my opinion!) ones that I've had, it infuriates me!!
  • Hey ladies,

    Just wondering where I order one of those kits from, I asked my MW if I could have the test at the correct time as my cousin had it, but she dismissed it saying it wasn't something routinly done!!

    Typical so if you could let me know, cheers

    32 weeks 3 days
  • Go to - you can order one free from there, but you have to pay the lab to process the results when you actually do the test. I got mine from there, it only took a few days to come.
  • ps, your midwife's right that it isn't offered routinely on the nhs, although there is a campaign going on at the moment to try & change that.
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