I'm bricking it!!

This is really silly

On Monday I have an appointment at my local hospital and the only way I can get there is by bus with toddler in tow. I hate catching public transport to somewhere I don't know. I have only lived here for 4 months and have only ever traveled with oh in the car, I have no idea where the nearest bus stop to the hospital is or even which bus to catch from here?? I'm panaking so much about it I can't make heads or tails of the time table I got from the internet and I get the feeling that when I ask oh to look at it and he asks why, he will not understand when I tell him :\(

I'm dreading it, the thought makes me feel sick. It's the thought of getting lost or missing my appointment. Luckly its in the afternoon so I can leave in plenty of time but having a 15 month in tow means I can't be too early as she will just get board and cranky,

Oh god I have just thought. I don't even know where it is in the hospital!!

Kerry, Freya and Pink Bump


  • You could ask the bus driver to tell you when to get off for the hospital. they are happy to do this and at least it might ease your mind while you are on the bus.

    Good luck hon!

    Once you've done it you will look back and be proud of yourself.

    Niblett xxxx
  • hiya, i know exactly how you feel. I do not drive and move around so have to learn to use public transport but have never caught a train on my own etc as am too scared i will get lost! However, with regards to your problem, i would telephone the bus company and ask then which bus you need to get and how many stops before you get off. Double sure this and tell the bus driver to tell you when to get off. Also, if you can get hold of a little map of the hospital area online and take that with you. Also, you can telephone hospital to find out roughly where you are going once you get to the hospital. Leave lots of time, take books/ toys under pushchair and snacks so that you can leave early to make it. Make sure you have your mobile phone, and numbers of a taxi if you get lost or stressed......ok.......you can tell i worry about the same things cant you! x
  • Hello em29,

    I have double and tripple checked buses. LoL. The bus stop is wright outside the hospital entrance. The bus either gets me there 50 mins early or 20 mins late, typical!! The clinic I have to go to has its own entrence. I get of the bus, head up the hill till I come across the clinic door. Sounds so simple.

    And like you have have NEVER cought a train by myself and NEVER will. LoL.

    X X X
  • You sound completely prepared - well done!!! Let us know how it goes xxx
  • Hi there just saw this post and had to pop in here. I am the same i cant go any were with my 2yr old unless i know where i am going i always use Transport for london website (you could google it) you can tell it where you going it will list the buses and tell you times etc. Hope this helps.image
  • lol!!! i dnt drive so have to get buses everywhere with a 3 1/2 yr old and an 8 mth old,its not that bad really!iv got a scan nxt week so am hoping i make it on time!! xxx
  • I am so glad I'm not the only one. I was feeling so silly. LoL. I just hope that Freya doesn't play me up as we have to be there so early. And knowing my luck they will be running so very late, They usually are. I am just thanking god that appointment is in the afternoon or I just wouldn't be able to get there. Sometimes I wise I could drive.

    Thanks Girls
    X X X
  • i wish i cud drive 2!! my appointment is 10.30am! gotta book my theory test again n pray i pass!
  • good luck hun, i hope it goes all ok. i do not drive myself so totally understand how you are feeling. xxx
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