odd pains

hi girls
since last night i have been having funny pains that seem to be in my pubic bone anybody else had them and should i be worried they just feel really odd should i contact my midwife im 14 weeks

any advice please



  • Hiya, could be the start of SPD - symphis pubis dysfunction. When are you next due to see your midwife?? I would just go easy and do anything that aggrevates it - possibly squatting positions or swimming breaststroke where you open up your pelvis - just mention to midwife next time you see her........ bxx
  • im due to see her on 30th jan so will mention it then

    thank hun

  • I just realised - I am sure you did too but I meant "don't do anything to aggrevate it!!". Good luck!! let us know how you get on!! There is another post going on about SPD that you might find useful to read!! bxx
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