A Tentative Hello!

Evening Ladies, thought I'd pop in from TTC, as I had my BFP last Thursday and, after some spotting, have had a couple of blood tests showing my HCG levels are going up nicely so feeling a bit better now! I'm Carly (those from YAYW may have known me as CarlyC) and I have a seven and a half month old, Rhys, and we are expecting baby number two July 2nd of next year.
Anyway, just thought I'd intorduce myself, hoping I'll be staying on this board with you guys for a while longer yet! xx


  • Hi Carly!
    Congratulations on your BFP and Welcome to the pregnancy forum!!! I also have a 7 month old son, Daniel, who was born in March and am 7 weeks pregnant!!! I think I am due around the 15th June! YAY!
    Look forward to seeing you here over the next 8 (ish) months!
    Hannah xxx

  • Welcome to the forum and a big congratulations on your bfp!! image

    Suzi 23wks xxx
  • congratz carly and welcome to the forum

    wishing u a happy and healthy 9 months




  • Hello, Congratulations and welcome image
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