Ignore granyvera and grandmothermary....just boring flamer's

Hi ladies,

Just to say don't give granyvera the satisfaction of reacting to thier abusive posts....

They are just a boring old flamer wih nothing better to do....

They will soon get bored if you don't react...

we just need to let web editor know to get them barred...


it appears grandmothermary has joined in as well........

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  • have left a message for web ed already - think there is 2! grandmothermary seems suss as well!
  • What are these grannies up to?!?!
  • grandmothermary deffo something strange with that 1
  • i thought that too seems odd
  • Ohhh I haven't seen the grandmothermary one....

    Flamers make me laugh and could never ever upset me in any way....

    Been posting on forums for many many years (hmmm maybe that does make me a bit of an old prune....but I'm a pretty one)

  • My son is coming up for 6 months and i was just the same i found it so hard to stop even tho i knew the harm i could cause my baby.
    I managed to finally give up at 14 weeks and felt so proud of myself and haven't looked back since.
    Keep going i know how you feel giving up smoking was the hardest thing i have ever done, harder than the labour itself, you'll feel tons better and free when your fully of them. you've done so well already.
  • stupid me. put post in wrong bit. oops
  • They will finish "work" soon and go to the pub!
  • just proved a point there didnt she im sure a dear old granny would say that lol
  • grow up - go get a proper life! what sort of complete arsehole wants to spend their time trying to upset pregnant women?
  • LOL. I think granyvera & grandmothermary are the same person. Must be a shame when you have to create an alter-ego to chat to, bless them.
    Oh, and before you say anything slanderous against me. I have worked either part- or full-time since I was 16 (thats 10 years) and I have a BA (Hons) in English and History.

    It may surprise you that we actually come on here for support and a bit of a giggle.
  • Sorted - they will be gone soon!
  • we?? lets just hope you grow up
  • Haha, you gotta laugh at the twats though, they seem like they are either about 13 years old or people whose idea of fun is taking the piss out of pregnant women!
    And they call us sad!?!?!?!?!?
  • from the extraordinarily bad use of the english language, including spelling, grammar and the extremely limited [and vulgar] vocabulary they have, i think that the 'grannies' are most likely to be bored teenagers who have no hope of any sort of future other than sitting on JSA for the rest of their lives, and are trying to find something to brighten up their days, which for some vile reason includes winding pregnant women up.

    they wouldnt wind us up face to face, hell hath no fury like a woman up the duff with swollen ankles, heartburn and a bad back !!! :lol:
  • Hear, hear Charly - very well put.
    Nothing ceases to amaze me anymore in respect of how people are to each other, which is a very sad fact of life today. Nonetheless, if they truly are grandmothers, at least we can be grateful that its not our children that will grow up with such vile people around them.
  • What have I missed??? Confused now! xxx
  • There were 2 absolute idiots on here earlier and they were really abusive. I ended up phoning the head office and reporting it and it seems that the majority of all their posts have been deleted! You are lucky you missed it - apparently according to them the only work I would ever have done in my life would have been a prostitute! Luckily web editor has got rid of their crap!

  • Read the posts earlier on the smoking thread and pretty sure that 'they' were one and the same sad little being. If so, then it sure came up with imaginatively diverse names for it's 'characters'!!
  • It must be the school holidays :roll:
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