Hi sarah. Just thought I'd reply to your question you asked me in Nov forum, wasn't sure when you are due to reply to you in your forum.

I had a planned section, which I requested and found out 10days before having Ellie, I had her at 38 weeks, I'd been suffering with SPD really bad to the point i was on crutches and couldn't part legs beyoned 15cm.

I did feel in control of the birth and it went really well and I didn't suffer with much/any pain at all. I feel really good now with wound etc and It's only 26days since she was born. I was nervous but not scared, but once the anasthetic was flowing through me I was fine, lol.

I don't have any other children, Ellie is my first so not sure how/what it's like to look after LO whilst recovering from section. However, patdow in Nov forum has 2 lo's and had planned section so she might be able to answer some questions too.

Anyway hope that is of some use to you in making your decision. Please feel free to ask any more questions.



  • Hi Gem

    Thank you for replying I think its helped Im so confused cause theres pros and con to both must amit watching Honey (Eastenders) giving birth may have swayed me a tad I hate it when they say its my choice why cant they just make it for me Im babling now thanks again x x x
  • I know what you mean about making choices. I felt like everyone was against me (medical staff) for wanting a section. They kept saying they'd delivered babies from women who have SPD and they can do it with me and it made me feel bad for wanting a section. But what I didn't want was permenant damage caused by giving birth naturally but they didn't seem to see that side of my concerns. Good luck with what ever you decide.

  • Thank you

    My next appointment is on xmas eve(apart from my gloucose test on tue) so Ive a while longer to decide.

    Sarah x x x
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