Don't feel pregnant anymore

Hi Ladies, I'm probably just over-reacting, but the last couple of days, I haven't felt very pregnant. I am 18 weeks, sickness is now beginning to ease off and I have been losing weight. My bump has begun to shrink and I was beginning to feel a bit of movement, but this is not happening as much anymore. I hope that I am just being silly? X


  • Hi hun,

    I went through a stage like this at around 18 weeks or so, if it wasn't for the fact that I have movements and have abump that is starting to get in the way, then I don't think I would believe that I'm pregnant :lol:


  • G/C from BIJan. Give your MW a ring. You won't settle until you know if things are ok. Plus if you have been feeling regular movement, and it has got less than 10 a day, you're supposed to tell them anyway. If you had only just started fo feel flutterings, then it's not quite the same.

    But definitely think you should have a chat with MW. xx
  • hi, its quite normal that once ur into the second trimester that ur symptoms etc calm down, and also at 18weeks ur baby has loads and loads of room to hide away so that u can't feel movements, again the bump size can change if bubs has tucked themselves around the back somewhere. however, i recommend u call ur mw to put ur mind at rest as no doubt u'll worry urself silly otehrwise, but do try not to worry, i'm sure everything is fne xx
  • Totally agree with Wowbaby hun, I'm a week further on than you and I had this feeling the other week, but bubs can hide at this stage.

    I know it feels wierd for symptoms to just vanish though, but do give mw a call to put your mind at rest
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