This is going to sound stupid but I wondered if anyone else feels like this.
I am 23+2 and feel like I should be enjoying this stage of my pregnancy, I'm feeling really good, not too heavy! But I'm just...not! I feel so broody and just want him to be here now...I can't imagine what it's going to be like waiting another 16 weeks to hold my baby. OH has a new baby cousin and he's so gorgeous, when I hold him I just want mine here lol. And my oh's mum is a child minder so that doesn't help, she looks after a gorgeous 2 yr old boy, I'll hold and cuddle him and my oh plays with him and dangles him upside down lol. I know having your own is a lot harder as u cant give them back but I hate all this waiting! We bought the pushchair last wk and set it up, messed about with it and now it's at my boyfriends nans I'm kinda sad...I know that sounds silly.
Really hope I don't go overdue! x


  • hi tiger lily im 21 weeks and im not really enjoying being preggers i just wanna get it all over with i think it just all the worring i do ????
  • Yeah that sounds like me! I'd probably feel the same about the c-section, like you I want a natural birth but it would be so exciting knowing when ur going to meet ur baby as I couldn't stand it if I went over. x
  • Hi i was like that with my first baby couldnt wait for her to be here i didnt enjoy pg as well as i should, but the second one i didnt get a minute with having daughter and other things to do and before i knew it he was here this time im going to try and enjoy it even though i have a 5 yr old, 4 month old and a hubby who is ill and under going test could be possible ms, so i have my work cut out for me lol
    so try and enjoy your pregnancies because there is nothing like your first baby and all the new and exciting things your feeling and happening to your body as your next arent the same, they are still exciting but its not the first time its happened.
    vikki xx
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