was jst wondering when we can first hear baby's heart beat? will midwife check 4 it at first initial app? i have mine in 2 weeks...
(7 weeks)


  • Hiya
    My midwife didnt check my baby's heartbeat until i was 16 weeks. I think it can be hard for them to find it before then, think they dont like to incase they cant find it and it may worry you. I have the angelsounds doppler and found my baby's heartbeat at home at approx 18 weeks, but ive heard some ppl have found it with the doppler at 10 weeks.
    Sharon x

  • My midwife checked it at 17 weeks but only because i had a stand in - they dont normally check until 21 weeks. She did warn me they dont always find it at that stage tho.

    It all depends on the midwife i think hun.

  • I havent had mine checked by my midwife yet but I found the heartbeat on my angel sounds doppler at 12 weeks, couldnt find it before then.
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