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I am just writing to see if anyone else has had this problem and how they resolved it.

I work for a big company, i am due to have my first child on 25th July 2008.

I have discussed with them what i would like to do when i return to work in Feb 2009 (which is full time working the hours i work now which is Monday to Friday 9am - 5.30pm) They are trying to stop me from coming back on these hours. They would like me to come back on Monday to Friday 1pm - 7pm so they can employ someone else to work Monday to Friday 8am - 1pm. Dont get me wrong that would be lovely but i just cant afford to do it.

I have read they have to have my job open to me when i return.

Can anyone help me cus its getting me down and making me very upset. :cry:


Annalisa xxx

P.s If its not clear what i mean just mail me

29 weeks tomorrow


  • They have to keep your current job open for you until your maternity leave ends. They are breaking the law otherwise. If they were to make changes to your contract, they would have to have a pretty strong case that it was not because you had been on mat leave. I think your company is treading a thin line.
    I would investigate a little more so you are confident about your rights - do you have a union, if not use the acas web site, they will offer good advice.
  • You definitely have the right to return to work in a job which is the paid the same and is the same hours. It doesn't necessarily have to be exactly the same job, the role can vary slightly, but it has to be comparable. I hope this helps! xxxx


  • I would speak to someone from the CAB about this as they need to keep your job open and offer you the same job back when you return to work, although I think they can offer an alternative but must be the same hours, pay and conditions. Make sure you fight for what you are entilttled to mind as companies shouldn't be able to get away with behaving like this. Tammi xxx
    34.5 wks
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