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Brown bleeding at 10 weeks pregnant

Hello , has anyone else had the same experience , im estimated 10 weeks pregnant , I have been bleeding for the last 4 weeks brownish blood no clots , no sharp pains just the odd cramping , am I misscarrying? 



  • Not necessarily. There might be many reasons to that but I'd contact your EPU unit. Is it proper bleeding or just spotting? Did you have any scans so far? 

  • Its like a light period more what you get towards the end , ive got a docs appointment tomorrow so hopefully they refer me for a scan x 

  • Hi Gemmamarie,

    I'm crossing my fingers that everything is fine for you. I had full-on bleeding yesterday morning. I drove right to the hospital and saw a doctor at EPU, turns out I have a subchorionic hematoma (basically a bruise in my uterus which bleeds on and off). I saw and heard the strong heartbeat and was told to just take it easy until week 13. As scary as it is, at least I know that it's nothing to worry about right now. Apparently 1 in 3 women experience some form of bleeding in early pregnancy.

    Normally they aren't worried about spotting, so you should be fine fx.

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