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Early Scan - Yes or No??

So I am 5 weeks tomorrow and I am 40 in January, 23 stone (I know I know) and first time pregnancy. So I am completely new to this!!

I have my first doctor appt next Fri and the midwife called today, im set to meet her on the 18th Dec (8 week marker). She said that my clinic would not usually send for early scans but that I could go private if I wanted for peace of mind.

Some background- we have been trying for 2yrs and a few months. 2yrs ago to the month we had a loss at approx 4/5 weeks we didnt really know we were pregnant. It put us off trying for a while as I was nervous it would happen again.

But here we are. 5 weeks tomorrow, couple of tiny dots of implantation bleeding just under 2 weeks ago but since then no issues at all. Have the usual sore boobs, nauseous, period like cramps waiting for period to come last week, headaches, dizziness and sensitive to smells etc etc.

I sort of want to do the early scan to put my mind at ease that something is there and its all going okay. But I read in quite a few posts that you dont really see anything anyways at 6/7/8 weeks so could a)be a waste of money and b)let me down anyways and not put my mind at rest.

Has anyone got an early scan? And does anyone have any insight or thoughts on it??

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  • Hey, I had an early scan and for me the anxiety would be unbearable without it. I had a miscarriage before and just wanted to be sure. I'd personally go when I'm around 7-8 weeks. You can see something and hear heartbeat from around 6-6.5 weeks but your could've had late ovulation or implantation so it's just to make sure you don't waste your money.

    Of course there is a good reason why you'd decide not to do it: you bond with your tiny little baby and if you do have early miscarriage you're heartbroken. I think that's why doctors don't really do these as risk of miscarriage is higher

  • hiii, I had a scan at 8 plus nine due to being worried - my only advice would be wait till around 9 weeks if possible if you expecting to see more than a sac haha xx best of luck xx

  • Thanks so much for your replies I really appreciate it!! I head home for Christmas on 19th Dec and can get a scan at home which will be 8 weeks and 2 days.

    I can also wait until after Christmas and do a scan at 9 weeks my issue is that I know ill see family over Christmas and wont keep it quiet. Id definitely prefer though to know all is okay before I would tell anyone else.

    Im happy to pay the money as long as I know its worth it. Im hoping by the 8 week or so scan that theyll at least be able to reassure me.

    Thanks so much again! :)

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