is it true?

hi everyone iv heard that if you go in labour at certain times ie early hours of the morning if your aint fall blown in labour they send your birthing partners home is this true? i know i aint pregnant yet so wont happen for while.but iv got fear if this happens to me il end up giving birth alone is this true girls.


  • This is my first baby but I do think that if ur in slow labour, they will send both u and birthing partner home cos you'll be more comfortable there. If your labour is established or ur waters have broken then they'll keep you in hospital - and I'm pretty sure they won't send ur birthing partner home!

  • As a general rule if you aren't in established labour they will send you both home! If you are far enough into labour for them to admit you onto the labour suite then your birth partner will be allowed to stay whatever time of day it is. The only time they would be sent home while you were in labour is if you were admited to the antenatal ward, for instance if you were due to be induced or had complications. While you are on the antenatal ward visiting times are normally in place so your birth partner would have to leave you over night but as soon as labour was established you would be moved to the labour suite and birth partner would be summoned!
    Good luck
  • thanks girls im such worrier and not even pregnant yet x
  • when i had my daughter my waters broke on the tuesday they kept me in even tho i was slow labouring, sent partner home till thursday 1am i was 4cm dilated they called partner who came in and stayed over 12 hours in labour room with me they even fed him lol.
    i was very slow and they still rang boyfriend when i was 4cms (established labour) try not to worry im sure non of you will have to give birth alone. xxxx

  • Hi i was induced and the labour only started kicking in at around 22.30, so they sent my partner and my mum home, saying it was gona be a long while yet. As it was they were ringing them back up at 00.30 as they were shipping me down to delivery. I think they only sent them home because I wasn't actually on delivery suit I was on the maternity ward where your with lots of other women so I suppose they dnt like people hanging around all night. I think it totally depends on the hospital and the circumstances that you go into labour. xxx
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