I just don't know!

I recently took three tests and they all came out positive. I know that I could be pregnant (no type of birth control used) but I just don't FEEL it. I'm about a month late for my period and I haven't gotten a doctor's test yet. Could it just be a mistake???:\?

May I add, I think I might be getting my period - I'm having cramps!

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  • I should imagine you are pregnant with 3 positive tests!! You can get a false negative, but never get a false positive!

    Stomach cramps are just things growing and adjusting to you being pregnant! If they do worsen though then call MW just to be on safe side.

  • i dont think so i tried to convince my self that is must be a mistake after i took three tests and they were all positive but they were all right x
  • i agree with the other ladies. you rarely would ever get a false positive.

    I took 3 tests and told the gp this so he felt i didnt need to do one there and booked me in for the midwife.

    As others say cramps are normal throughout stages in pregnancy.

    Congratualtions hun. hope its the news you want.

    kate 34+6
  • hi, after 3 positives i wld say u've got a BFP!!

    as for not feeling pregnant, i still don't 'feel' pregnant and i probably won't until i can actually feel baby moving around as i have had very little symptoms. and those cramps and niggles are prefectly normal, in fact i didn't realise i was pg because of them and thought they were just period pains but its to do with everyting moving trying to make space and accomodate the baby, i still get them now, but they feel less like period pains and more like electric shocks now lol

    hope u have a happy and healthy 9 months




  • Id say you are defo pregnant!! Congrats hun!!

    Take Care, Sharon x

  • I know how you feel. Im going throught the exact same thing at the min. Everyone says you cant get a false positive and i have said it to my friends in the past also. Its just so hard unless you actually hear or see the baby and this early you arent going to. When i had my first i had no doulbt because a was throwing up 24/7. Im actually hopeing for morning sickness just so I feel pregnant:lol:

    Good Luck xx
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