Retroverted Uterus and Early Scans


Has anyone had any experience of this?? I have had 3 scans now, LMP says I am 9+2 but scan suggests I am about 7 weeks and the sonographer is having a really hard time finding anything more than growth, he thought he saw a heartbeat on the scan today but didn't want to confirm, would he had said anything about a heartbeat if he had any incline that it might be bad news???

I am fed up!!!



  • hi i had a similar problem they found it very hard to see anything much at my 1st scan which worried me as i thought i was about 9 weeks, anyway i went back 2 weeks later and i was told i had a retroverted uterus and that i was a little earlier than what i had thought i had ovulated late is what was suspected, but i was offered an internal scan as it was quite tricky to see much at all dont worry about it they also straighten? themselves up as pregnancie progresses, x

    chloe 36+6
  • i've got a retroverted uterus, have known about this for years so whenever i needed ultra sounds prior to pregnancy to look at ovaries it was always done vaginally.

    i had to have an early scan at 7 weeks and it was done vaginally and you could see the heartbeat and a blob but they measured the baby smaller than i was. i had a horrible few weeks of not knowing if the baby was ok but by my 11 week scan the baby was measuring to the date i knew i concieved on. so early scans arnt that acurate.

    did he do the scan trans vaginal or the normal way'?
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