Did anyone 'just know?'

Hey there,

Im new to this (first ever post!) and am currently TTC and on cycle 2.
I wonder if anyone that is now pregnant 'just knew' they were before testing or having any other symptoms?
I am a few days late now and all Ive had are slight pains similar to AF but I usually have them in the back these are just in my front area, I had these pains around when I was due on (last Friday) and again today. Ive not had anything else at all but this overwhelming feeling that I am pg! I tested Tuesday and it was a BFN but I still feel the same and just cant shake it! I wonder if I am just being very obsessive and have stupidly convinced myself but Ive never felt this before!

I realise how its highly unlikely as Im only on cycle 2 but I would very much appreciate some advice. Im usually a 'lurker' on this site but know how helpful everyone usually is.



  • Hi Si, i got a bfp sunday and yeah i think i knew. i too have been getting cramps in lower abdomen (i got this before but had mc). are you normally regular? unfortunately it takes others longer for bfp to appear on test. have you tried "first response" tests? they are currently buy one get one free from boots and you can test 6 days early. good luck xx
  • Hi LisaD,
    Congrats on your BFP!
    I was right on time last month but then it was only the 1st month id been off the pill, I came off earlier in the year also and was regular then too.
    I know it sounds silly but I was so disappointed in the BFN I have made a pact with myself not to re-test until next week! I know I have to at some point though.
    Thanks for your reply, everyone so sweet on here.xx
  • Hi,

    welcome to BE. me and oh got our bfp on our 3rd month ttc, we tested when i was a week late but tbh i knew straight away i just had a deep down feeling that this was 'our month' womens instinct and all that!

    well good luck and i hope you get your bfp!


  • Hi Zammo, congrats to you!
    Maybe if Id had other symptoms then I could justify feeling this way but I just feel so silly lol! I used cheap sainsburys test.x
  • When I got preganat the first time I only had one period. I go pregnant first time of trying so it definitely is possible. I did a test one week which was BFN then week later was BFP. I know its awful waiting. Get to Boots and get the first response tests. you can get 4 for ??8.00 ish! Take care x
  • by the way my spelling isnt normally that bad!!
  • Thanks waterbaby for your reply, it is reassuring to know!
    LisaD I may just have to do that as Im not sure I can wait another week lol!
    Thanks 4 all your replies girlies.xx
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