£190 govt grant

Has anyone been paid this yet? I sent off my form a few weeks ago and haven't heard anything.Thanks xx


  • Don't think they are paying out till the new financial year ie after 6th April. I heard that we can expect it in our accounts some time in May.
  • hi they arnt making any payments until april 6th at the earliest my midwife said more like early may to expect it
    claire x
  • i phoned them and they said they arent paying out any money until may 09 hth x
  • i got told it was april we will of all had our babys at this rate lol xxx
  • im still waiting for my miwdwife to get the forms. payments arent being made untill may...so ive been told xx
  • Interesting - I was told payments were being made from 6th April! I guess it will arrive when it arrives!
  • they wrote me a letter saying it would be end of march in my bank account!!
  • whats this all about i've not heard anything about a grant but then i'm only 10 weeks just now.
  • you will get the forms from your midwife babypie when your 25 weeks its a ??190 one off payment for all mums to be due on or after 6th april
    claire x
  • oh rite thanks for that

  • I got my forms yesterday and mw said they are not paying til after 9th April.

    Sazzle xx
  • My midwife hasn't had the forms in yet so I'm hoping to get mine at my 32 week appt. She thought payments weren't being made until May though...

    Bec 30+4 x
  • I was going to ask the exact same question!

    I have filled in and sent my forms so I guess I just sit tight and wait!
  • i phoned yesterday and asked, and was told payments wouldnt be given out until may!!

    - even though last month it was april they said!! :roll:
  • Yeah I have been told April. Even though the forms actually promise the money within 31 days of application?!?!

    If it was in America or Canada I bet we would already have our money! Typical government didn't plan on the thousands of women applying for th grant at the same time! Another great british plan!
  • Thanks for your eplies ladies. I know it's great we're getting a grant but it's a bit diappointing that they will take so long. You'd think they would be ready to roll with everything as soon as they started giving forms out! I was hoping to use it to buy some baby bits, but i'll need to get them sooner than May in case he arrives early!!

    Typical british government!
  • i heard payments from the 6th of April but i suspect with the amount of applications it will take quite a while to get to everyone! I'm due 21st of April! it's supposed to be for health in pregnancy mine will have to be for health after pregnancy!lol
  • I was wondering whe I could ask about this as Im only 5 weeks but if its not till 25 weeks I might as well put it to the back of my mind for now lol
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