Maternity Pay for Teachers in England - help!

Hi Girls,
Apologies if this has been done before!

Is anyone able to confirm maternity pay for teachers in England, I think I have it right but want to be sure, I also know that there is the 'Burgundy Book' out there but every copy I have found on google seems to be from 2000 and I am not sure if the info is still accurate.

Is this right?

39 weeks paid:
4 weeks full pay,
2 weeks 90% pay,
3 months at half pay + SMP
21 weeks at SMP only

Does this sound correct?? I think some authorities might also do 6 weeks @ 90% instead of the full pay followed by the 90% if you see what I mean.

Any help gratefully received image

Love MrsH xxx


  • Hi MrsH,

    I will be getting:
    4 weeks full
    2 weeks 90%
    12 weeks OMP (half pay+smp)
    21 weeks smp

    I do think you are right about the differences in authorities though, I tried googling before I found out for definite and found lots of conflicting stuff!

    Liz x
  • Thank you Ruby Shoes, that looks the same as what I was anticipating image

    I have read some documents from Unions etc... and they don't mention anything after the 12 weeks half pay + SMP and I am thinking that that can't be right, but perhaps they are just focusing on what they pay and not the SMP?

    Just being a bit thick here - what does OMP stand for? Ordinary mat pay?

  • occupational maternity pay
  • Thank you Cyliestitch - sorry for asking a silly question image
  • I get what Ruby Shoes gets. My LA lets me choose how I want it paying tho. So you get the full pay as normal then when it drops to half pay for 12 weeks + SMP you opt to have that spread out over 20 weeks instead at 3/10ths of normal pay. Or you can choose to have none of the half pay and have it paid to you on your return to work. So that's an option to think about if you are unsure if you are going back to work as you wouldn't have to pay the half pay bit back if you haven't taken it to begin with.

    With my first I took the pay exactly as Ruby Shoes explained it. But this time I am taking it spread over the 20 weeks at 3/10ths mainly to make budgeting easier!
  • We worked out how much I would be getting each week and because I want to stay off for 9 months we have spread it out over that time, otherwise when you drop down to SMP only it's scary money!!

    Jellyfishpink that's really good that your LA let's you decide how you want it paid, wish mine did that!

  • Hi all,

    I'm getting (copied/pasted from policy)
    *4 weeks at full pay, offset against payments made by way of SMP
    2 weeks at 90% of salary, offset against payments made by way of SMP
    12 weeks at 50% of salary (HMP) plus lower rate SMP
    21 weeks at lower rate SMP

    I hope I can choose to have mine spread over the remaining 20 weeks. That sounds a very sensible idea.
    Enjoy start of new term guys!image
    LK x
  • Cool, thanks all!
    Looks like what I thought was right,phew!
    Haven't been told about spreading the costs but am going to ring HR tomorrow and find out a bit more.
  • Hope you get all your answers when you ring MrsH!
  • Thanks for all your help girls image
    I phoned HR who said they would send me a pack out once they have received my letter, which I will get onto tomorrow.
    I was right with regards to the payments and like Jellyfishpink said I do have the choice of not having the 1/2 pay and it being paid on my return to work, but as I know I will be returning to work I will be taking the 1/2 pay + SMP whilst I am off.

    Thank you again for your help!
    MrsH xxx
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