There's only one way to deal with trolls....

.... ignore them!

Seriously, don't even allude to them or what they say. Don't come up with a clever response, or worse, post a stream of abuse back. They can't possibly upset our nice forum with idiotic comments if we just report them to the webed and in the meanwhile pretend they're not there.

Other forums have the capacity for users to choose which members' comments they can view - ie every user can block any other user's posts. It's a shame we don't have this function.

*hands BE Police badge over to someone else*


  • I agree, I have reported them along with several others before. I genuinely dont get bothered by them, sometimes I find it funny because thier English is so bad you can just visualise the 'shameless' type chav sitting on his/her greasy keyboard typing it and that gives me lots of satisfaction!!!
  • I do wonder sometimes..... are they a plant to try and wind people up and caused heated debate (putting it politely) . Reported the comments which are just nasty to moderator anyway and hopefully the troll will be barred. If not i did see a pic of troll spray flying around some where..... whos got it??

    **BE police badge now handed on again** any one else want a go?? hope your well x
  • Lady K- LOL how very true- dont forget the must have jeremy kyle on in background x
  • whats happened girls???? x
  • Couldn't agree more, well said!! xx
  • It is a shame, and it could be easily avoided by having a regular user on here moderate at the weekends. Best thing is to ignore them, I find their grasp of the english language more offensive than the content of their posts.
  • I would love to respond to 5 leafs last post however , but the lack of punctuation, spelling error s and general bad grammar means I cant understand it anyway. must be in troll speak so will IGNORE IT
  • Yeah I agree with PTB just ignore them, its the only way they are going to get board with it

    Hope everyone is having a nice night

  • Bitter and twisted with nothing better to do!
    Enjoy the rest of your evening girls
  • I just read what it said!!!! said pathetic individual!!!!
  • Thanks mummy cat thats the kind of pic i was wanting x
  • Lol just realised I posted it on the wrong thread lol! Pregnancy brain in full working order today!

    Cat xxx
  • LOL Mummy cat- how far along are you and how early is too early for baby brain?? i am 6 +5 and have done a number of downright doppy things like pouring boiling water from kettle down chest- and it hurt- Can i blame this on baby brain?
  • Oh babycrazy hope your ok! Have to ask though, what made you do that?! I still have my baby brain from being pregnant with my son, he's now 3 years old! I remember being really ditsy quite early on. I actually forgot how old is was. Ended up have to ring hubby to check! xxx

    Cat 15 weeks today
  • I was filling a hot water bottle and lost grip- not my cleverist moment. Still the bio oil proved miraculous and has nearly completely healed it , still a bit red but is fine and wont permenantly scar.

    I have also become so clumsy i just dont know whats wrong with me! am like a child have a list of bruises and war wounds which i am licking LOL x
  • I'm only 5+2 and I've already got baby brain. when I put the shopping away yesterday I put tins of baked beans in the fridge and tried to put a bag of potatoes in the freezer.... xx
  • babycrazy that's awful. That must have been so frightening. Glad the bio oil is helping to heal it. I'm always covered in cuts and bruises. I can't blame it on pregnancy brain, I've just always been really clumsy. I can actually say I have been hit by a parked car! Even had to go hospital for it!

    Lol Scooter247 I do that too! I've even once tried to put my kettle in fridge after making tea! xxx

    Cat 15+1
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