CBD Indicator 3+

Hi Girls,

I kept my last CBD indicator to see if my levels were going up, yippee they are. However as I am impatient I tested 3 days earlier than I should have and got 3+ (I know each woman varies) but how accurate was CBD for you?

I am either further along than I thought or got twins eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeek!!!!

Early scan in 2 weeks!!


  • I used CBD indicator and I got pregnant 2-3 weeks and looking at instruction sheet this meant I was 4-5 weeks preganag. After working out my dates I was 4 + 5 on the day of testing so that was bang on. I am 5 weeks today.
    How exciting to have an early scan booked and that is great news that the indicatir has changed, I also have another one which I will do sometime just for reasurrance!
  • I got my BFP at 8DPO which was mega early anyhow - so if my CBD indicator is correct I am 5 weeks today!!! wooo hooo
  • i tested 5dpo and got + tested at 10dpo on cbd digital and got pregnant 3 + - it was twins!

    Keep us posted x
  • Om my god we are both 5 weeks today then. When was your last AF? Mine was 24th December and cycles are usually 28 days so I am due Sep 30th I think.
  • yay well done!

    ashy xxx
  • My last Af was 25th Dec but I started getting highs on my CBFM from CD10 - so according to conception indicator I am 5 weeks today as ovulated earlier.

    I will know on 14th Feb early scan eeeeeek roll on Valentines Day!!
  • Congratulations honey! That is fab news! My CBD was smack on so I would go with that, but the Dr will take calculate your due date from first date of last AF and then it will be re-adjusted at your scans! So when are you due? xx
  • Awww thats great hun congrats!



  • When I did a Clear Ble indicator thingy it came up as 3+ when I thought I was only around four weeks pregnan t. Then I had my scan at 12 weeks and they put me forward a few days so the CBD must have been right!

    14+3 xx
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