I think my waters have broken 7 weeks early!

Hi all well what a night. My 2 girls have played up and decided not to sleep therefore been up all night. I have mentioned before how I have been having my show and strong braxtons not painful just extremely uncomfortable well this morning I have been leaking fluid and there has been a fair bit. I have had a pad on and its definately not wee. It feels exactly the same as it did when they went with my youngest. I am just waiting for my mum to ring when she gets up so I can sort childcare to go to hospital. I am not having contractions and I with my 2 girls my waters broke and didnt go into labour for another 48 hours or was induced so even though I know I need to get to hospital as soon as as I am only 33 weeks tomorrow I know an hour or so wont hurt.

Just a little scared now! I know they can stop labour and just keep me in closer to due date but I would be away from the girls so its gonna be a tough little ride I think. Dont think it has sunk into oh yet!





  • Wishing you lots of luck hun xxx
  • Oh hunny I hope everything's ok and lo can hold on for a few more weeks, we don't want him coming this early!

    Good luck and I'll be thinking of you xxx


  • Hey hun, hope everythings ok-good luck xxxx


  • Gud luck hun hope everything goes well, u might find that they don't try and stop labour though as baby will be quite capable of surviving on the outside now. Hope its not labour tho i know how much u wanted to hold on till at least 36wks. Wishing u lots of luck keep us posted wen u can. Kerry xxx

  • sending you lots of luck for today hun xx
  • Good luck, hope everything goes ok.

    Is it me or are these July babies in a real hurry to be born.

    Kerry xxx


  • good luck hun try not too worry as you know my baby was born at 31 weeks and he is all ok take care hun
  • Hi all just to let you know I am finally home and bubba is still tucked up inside for now!

    They think it was my hind waters and there was only a small amount and where I am carrying so much they are not worried as my cervix was still quite closed the risk of infection is low. They have said they may give me antibiotics whilst in labour to be on safe side! When I got on the moniter I was contarcting every 3 minutes I was feeling each one but they was not strong strong. I had two lots of steroids and a patch to slow labour which they did. I think just laying down all day helped that anyway!

    It all stopped today but really tired as I had no sleep with all the new babies and women giving birth! I did make me even more excited for the birth though!

    Now is just a waiting game as baby has had his steroid injections even If I was to go into labour tomorrow they would not stop the labour so he can now come at anytime! I still think another 3 weeks like his sister did!

    Anyway thanks for the lovely messages and hope your all well



  • glad everything went ok hun xx
  • Glad your well and baby is still indoors x

    joanna 32+3
  • Glad everything is ok! Hope he stays in a little longer for you.


  • Glad everything settled down for you. THe exact same thing happened to me when I was pg with Chloe at 34 weeks.

    Kerry xxx


  • Glad ur lil man has decided he's not quite ready yet, wat is it with these July mummies not wanting to wait until July, lol. U rest easy tho, make sure OH takes gud care of u. Kerry xxx

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