spent the day in hospital

Evening ladies, I just fancied a bit of a sob so thought I'd pour it all out on here.
I was having pains all day yesterday and through the night. I had slight spotting last night and again this morning, so OH said I should call dr and mw. MW said call dr, dr said go to a&e.
I have a history of eptopics and I'm 6+4.
After an hour a nurse took my temp and bp and a sample. Another hour went by and a doc felt my tummy and said I had to have a scan (9am). He then proceeded to try and take blood badly, resulting in no blood and me passed out!!
11am and bllod had been finally extracted and a canula needle put in and it was off the gyne ward.
12noon a new doc who says going to swab and scan. 1pm waiting for female gyne doc to swab.
230pm swab and scan done.
4pm another more in depth scan with radiographer done.
Results, blood fine, lo in the right place wrong shaped womb and nothing to eat or drink all day. I've been sent home with painkillers and instructions to have feet up all weekend.
Sorry to go on but wanted to offload.



  • Oooh, poor you, sounds like a horrible day. You must be so relieved to find out everythings ok though!! Take it easy this weekend and get OH to look after you!!
  • sounds an awful day, hope you are doing as your told and resting, gonna be a lovely weekend so just chill out in garden or something and catch a few rays.

    Take care
    Em x
  • Sorry to hear you had such a bad day! At least your little bean is in the right place so I guess that is a big weight off your mind! Have a restful weekend. x
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