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nasal congestion and snoring

For the last couple of weeks my hubby has been complaining that I am making funny breathing noises in my sleep and sometimes snoring. I never used to snore and my breathing when sleeping was never a problem.
I've looked it up and apparently
"Pregnant women commonly suffer nasal congestion that can also make it difficult to sleep. During pregnancy, the body releases hormones that can sometimes dry out the lining in the nose, making it feel inflamed and swollen. "
Has anyone else had a problem with this and if so any suggestions on what to do about it ? I'm stressing out at night now becuase I'm worried my breathing is keeping OH awake.
thanks Suz x


  • Tell him it's good practice for when lo is finally here hehehehehe

    seriously thou, not sure if there is anything u can do. maybe a saline nasal spray to keep it lubricated? or maybe those funny strip things ppl use to help reduce snoring. I suffer with my nose during pregnancy, gets very stuffy and I'm more prone to nose bleeds.
  • I've suffered from a stuffy nose the minute I got pregnant - its sooo annoying! My hubbie snores his head off though, so I look on it as divine retribution lol!!

  • I suffer from a stuffy nose but thats about it, I just constantly need to blow my nose because it gets on my nerves. oh said I snored the other night, but to be honest its usually him who keeps me awake with snoring. Many a night have been spent argueing because he's snoring and Ive ended up waking him up in my attempts to keep him down a bit.;10051;28/st/20080729/dt/5/k/9e45/preg.png

  • I've had a stuffy/runny nose from about 30 weeks and it can be really irritating. Don't use nasal spray as it will only make the problem worse in the long term - saline ones might be OK though as they're natural. Try not to use central heating at all as it makes it loads worse - thank god the weather is getting nicer! xxx

  • i snore like a good'un now and i just think it's funny!!! my hubby hates it but i can't help it!!!
  • Lol, my oh informed me last night that on Monday night I was snoring really loud all night and that he had to keep trying to move me as I was rolling onto my back throughout the night! I don't normally snore, but my response was well at least now you know how I feel when you are doing it and I can't get you to stop!!!! he he he thought it was really funny! Tammi xxx
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  • I don't snore unless I'm drunk - my OH is the same! So it's safe to say I haven't really snored for quite a while lol!! xxx

  • I'm exactly the same, I used to only snore when I was drunk but since about 20 weeks I've been snoring every night! And I always seem to have a blocked up or runny nose.
  • mine is blocked solid every morning, DH hasn't complained of snoring but he's a very heavy sleeper, he can even sleep through a screaming newborn!!

    don't know how to stop it though, sorry.
  • I definitely have more snot now (sorry - tmi!!), and have been snoring like a trooper much to my husband's annoyance. I do sometimes snore when I'm in a really deep sleep, but apparently it's got much louder and more frequent and I'm usually only in a light sleep now (you know when it's that light a sleep that you think you're just dozing?) Oops!! Hopefully I'll grow out of it once baby is here
  • ive been using sinex since about 12 weeks much to the annoyance of the pharmacist who didnt want to sellme it. it can cause high blood pressure but then again so does benig pissed off so much that you cant sleep. i always keep an eye on blood pressure and if anything its low so im fine. xx
  • I might try using an extra pillow tonight, although like you I like to be quite flat and only use one pillow just now. I read that being too hot at night might make it worse so I've started sleeping with the window open and that seems to have made a bit of a difference. I'm going to get some new pillows and a summer duvet this weekend.
    Might try a dose of sinex if it gets really bad. S x
  • I put olbas oil on a tissue in my pillow to help clear my nose. And vicks balm is good too.
  • When my sister was pregnant she used to snore like a freight train! But then she tried this product ( and it was almost an immediate change. She stopped snoring right away. It was helpful for both her and her husband. You only can handle one thing keeping you up at night, haha!

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