I cant stop eating - help!!!

Im 6+1 and i just can't stop eating - im always hungry! things is its not healthy stuff its all crap really, biscuits, crisps, etc... eek!

Also im getting small, quick twinges feels like someone is flicking my tum from the inside - not painful and im not worried just wondered if anyone has experienced this? xx


  • Hi I'm the same jst want to eat crap all the time, still got chocs left from xmas so hopefully will get better once they're gone! Healthy stuff just isn't as appealin!
    It feels like someone is flickin me on the inside but am 17+3 so think it mite b lo movin but not sure wot it is early on, prob jst muscles and stuff stretchin
  • yeah - we too still have xmas chocs but unfortunately lots of them. lol. xx
  • Don't worry you're not alone, page 5 mummylisa80 the thread is called sooooo hungry! It was posted a couple of days ago and being hungry seems to be just one of them things!! Especially in the first tri, don't worry about what you eat, whatever fills the gap works!! xx
  • i was the same at the very beginning of my pregnancy (am 18+3 now) - there were 2/3 weeks where i don't think fruit or veg passed my lips!!! I hadn't eaten Macdonalds for about a year, but could not get enough of it!!!
  • phew! glad to hear it's not me just being a greedy pig. xx
  • Im exactly the same, that is why iv gon from 11st wen i fell pregnant to 12st and im only 16+6wks. Iv dun nothing but eat ribbish and have been craving lots of sweet things like fruit pastles and skittles which cnt be any gud for my teeth. Iv bin eating bits of fruit as well though to try and make up and give my baby some nutrients. Anyway if u cnt indulge wen ur pregnant, wen can u? Kerry xxx

  • I didn't really want to eat at all in first trimester...I think I lived on 2 pieces of toast a day lol and some crisps & half of that ended up in the toilet! :lol:

    When I hit about 20 weeks though I started getting hungry & was ALWAYS starving even after eating a big meal. I feel like a right pig sometimes eating a whole takeaway pizza from pizza hut *and still being hungry afterwards* when my bf's mum and sisters eat about 2 slices of pizza and say they're full (bitches! lol)

    I think it is easing off now as I'm just not really bothered about food atm...but ur right it has to be fatty sugary food!! x
  • OhMYgod iv had same symptoms funkymonkey wel didn really thnk it was a symptom wow looks like im not alone x
  • i have a problem when i eat i get really bloated! by the end of the night i look huge i mean huge ( i am only a size 8 ) but i look really bloated and about 3 months gone then when i wake up in the morning i am back to normal so its just me getting bloated but its so annoying, i guess i need to eat smaller meals but more often ( i couldn't possibly eat anymore then i normally do- i eat loads!!!) xxx
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