holidays when pregnant?

Hi Ladies,

I'm unexpectedly (but very happily) pregnant (we were ttc but had been told it was very unlikely and would take a v v long time)... anyway thats another story.

anyway i'm still early only 8 weeks but oh and i had planned to have one last big hol this march (weren't expecting o be preggers!) so plan was to go to china and hong kong, however by march i'll be 15 weeks and have concerns about going to rural areas, long distance flying etc.... just feel i don't want to take any stupid risks.

would still love to go away though, somehwere a bit different (we got married last eyar and went to france for our honeymoon as it was all we could afford) but have a little more cash now but want to go somewhere safe for bump. also oh is having some trouble adjusting to the idea and seemed to want an adventure holiday...

what i'm reall asking for is some advice - ideas of where to go etc and also any ideas of helpping oh to adjust!!!

thank you!
em xxxx


  • Hi well personally I think you need to think about what places you'd need injections for that have malaria and avoid them. I'm flying about 10 hours to NYC next week get back on 4th feb when I'll be 14 weeks. So I can always let you know how I find the flight if you want? I cant recomend anywhere I'm afraid. I think if your really worried about long haul flights its prob best not to go on one. This is all just my own opinion though. X
  • We had our honeymoon in Mexico last year and there is loads of "adventure" stuff - scuba diving, etc that your hubby could do whilst you could lie back and enjoy the weather. I am not adventurous but did scuba-dive for the 1st time then went round a tank of bull sharks which was absolutely amazing. Made me wish that I had taken full advantage of the other stuff I could have done whilst over there but hopefully will return one day - only next time wont be going in hurricane season lol
  • Hi emdt...congratulations on your great news!!
    Many years ago I was traveling around Thailand with ex and fell pregnant. I didn't know this until we returned. Had been out jungle trekking, swimming in malaria infested rivers with elephants, drank heavily...blah blah you name it I did it!! I was back in Britain 4 weeks and suffered a m/c. I often wonder if traveling through dodgy places had contributed to my loss but to be honest I don't think they did..I was back for many weeks before it happened. All I would say is be careful if you do go...and stay closer to town/city amenities should you need hospital treatment or a doctor....or maybe change your holiday to something just as exciting and interesting but without the element of risk from deserlet places and disease infested tropics!! Remember you and your baby are more important then OH 'need for adventure' whether he gets his head round it or not. I am sure you will come to some compromise...good luck xxx
  • hrm, i don't have any advice on adventure hols.. but when i was 4/5months pregnant i went on my honeymoon to the algarve, absolutely beautiful place, short flight too. it was a great place to relax with gorgeous coastlines but also there were lots of excursions to go on. so id reccommend it!
  • Oooh, go go go! If you can afford it, GO!!!!

    If not, I'll have your ticket...I am due in late april so will be ready to drop by march haha but I'd still go!

    Seriously though, it is fine to fly even long haul while pregnant as long as you're careful about DVT etc. Go to the doctor's and ask some advice about it, they will be able to tell you if it is safe to have certain jabs etc and advice about what it is safe to do...just for some reassurance so you know you have taken precautions. Bungee jumping is probably out ;\)

    Good luck with pregnancy & congrats
    Philippa 25 wks x x x

  • thank you all for your replies!!! I shall show them all to oh and work out one that is good for all three of us!!!

    thank you! xxxx
  • emdt - congratulations to you both image
    one thing that is worth considering is you may be feeling really tired (i was awful at around 15wks - & i kno i wouldnt have enjoyed a hol! it was much as i could do to get out of bed!) but then everyone is different - i am just saying from MY experience.

    not sure whether you'd need malaria tablets - jus before i fell pregnant we went to kenya (obviously strong malaria tablets needed) & was advised against trying for a baby for a while after. and i kno there are certain types that cant be taken whilst pregnant (same as everything really!!)

    enjoy your holiday - wherevr you chose to go! & make sure you tell us more!!
    Gem xx
  • Hi emdt,

    My husband was keen for us to go away for a nice holiday before the baby arrives but I've chickened out! I had a few probs early on and ended up in hospital so I'm overly cautious now. We were away for the weekend in St Andrews when I started having terrible pains but the nearest proper hospital was Dundee so we had to get transferred there and then transferred the next day back home to Aberdeen. Couldn't bear the idea of something happening abroad now...

    But more importantly for you, you will be restricted to places without the need for injections or malaria treatment otherwise you're running risks of putting your baby in danger. But you're safe to fly until the end of your second trimester so that's fine.

    We're going to stay in the UK (I have a wonderful understanding and patient husband!) and stick with trains and cars (because I'll probably be just into my third trimester by the time we get going). Hope you find somewhere amazing!
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