When to go to the dr's? & other newbie Q's

im 11 dpo (af due on friday) and my tests are getting darker and darker by the day (done boots 50uil, superdrug & FR). I even tested this afternoon & the test was as dark as control line. I am up with hubby at work until sunday and he comes home tuesday so was thinking of making an appointment for next week, is that too early?

Also what happens at the appointment?
Is it normal for my tests to be so dark at 11 dpo? is that a bad sign?
Is it normal to be seriously worried about miscarriage?
Is it normal to be seriuosly bloated this early?



  • Congrats on your Bfp!
    I think i was 14 dpo when i found out and i went to the drs a few days later. They dont do anything well mine didnt just filled in some forms for the midwife and my maternity exception. Then the midwife rung me and made an appointment for 10 weeks for bloods, and bp and urine and general medical. Then i got my letter for 12 week scan. I dont think its too early hun.
    The dark lines just indicate that theres more HCG in your wee it doubles and rises every couple days in early preganacy so thats good! I was really conviced i was gonna miscarry and had a bleed at 6 weeks but everything was fine although ive found im always fretting and worring about something all the way though my pregnancy! I didnt feel bloated but it is normal too be in early pregnancy.
    have a great 9 months!

    Jennie 32+4 xx
  • Hun don't panic, my lines were seriously dark at 11 dpo, it just means hormones are high.
    Yes it is normal to panic about miscarriage (even now I still check for blood) It's a nightmare but you are definitely not the only one.
    After I got my BFP I couldn't wear my wedding rings because of bloat (this has only just gone down!)
    I went to docs when I was just gone 5 weeks pg, she just booked me in with midwife and asked a couple of questions but was only in there for 5 mins so don't get too excited about that one!
    I had mw appt at 8 weeks and have had my first scan today at 11+6

    Oooh I'm so excited for you!!

  • Hiya hun! Frst of all a massive congratulations on your BFP!
    I didn't go to my GP, I just rung up and gave my details to the receptionist who arranged for my midwife to contact me. She then contacted me and came to see me at home at about 7 1/2 weeks to do my booking visit/bloods etc. At my surgery they said I only needed to see the doc f there was any probs or concerns, I think it probably varies from place to place. Give them a ring to check what they do at your surgery.

    My tests were really dark too, I had my BHCG level measured and it was high, they thought it could be twins but just one healthy bean in there. It shows that there is a good hormone level so that is a great sign!

    Also I was terrified of mc in the early weeks, it still worries me now but I am much more relaxed now than I was, it's normal to feel scared, you desperately want this baby and feeling worried is perfectly normal.

    Big congratulations again hun, so pleased for you.
    Take care and keep us updated.

    Love Sapphire
  • Hey hun,
    I've not read evryine elses replies - so sorry if i'm repeating what thehy have said (I bet I am!)

    Congratulations on your BFP, and YES it is TOTALY normal to worry - apparently you start worrying now, and never stop!

    I would make an appointment with your GP straight away (don't worry about being too early), Although if it is anything like my appointment s/he wont do anything at all, other than check you are taking folic acid and say they will pass your details onto the midwife (they don't bother feeling your tummy, or doing a test, or anything really - it's a big disapointment),

    Oh and bloating is one of the MANY "niggles" you will get at this stage (constipation and period pain also make an appearance). Have fun. image

    Anyway good luck, and let us know how you get on!
  • thanks girls that makes me feel better, that i might actually be normal! well as normal as possible considering i have POAS on about 100 sticks! lol.

  • I went about a week later at 5 weeks I did an ov test stick first followed by 2 cheap preg wee sticks which were all positive then ordered a clearblue off internet - if was cheaper had to wait about 5 days for that to arrive, I knew I was pregnant but just wanted to see that magic word pregnant appear before I went to docts.


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