where do i paste my ticker

i've got a pregnancy ticker and i have copied the code but i'm not sure where to paste it. can someone please help xxxxx

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  • hi hun,u need to paste it into a word document on ur pc n then open that up whenever u need it n copy,then u can just keep putting paste on ea each time u post on here.hope that makes sense!!my hubbie has rebooted our computer so i need to get a new ticker myself! x
  • Thank you. i got myself really confused lol xx


    [Modified by: Gemma+1 on March 25, 2008 04:00 PM]
  • thats it, i officially give up. i don't get why it wont work lol xxx
  • u cnt copy n then paste into here shug as it dnt wrk.U need to open a wrd document n paste it into that,then save the document.Then u have to open the document each time u need ur ticker so u can then copy frm there n then paste onto here,itl wrk then xx
  • i did. i think i brokded it. lol. my computer is bleeping at me like i did something wrong lol. thank you though xxx
  • wahoo. it was the code from that website that wasn't working. i did it. yay! thank you for helping me, i never would have managed on my own lol xxx


  • bet u were pasting the wrong 1 thats for e-mails n stuff,congrats hun!


  • probably, i am quite dense lol. wow you don't have very far left to go, bet you're well excited and cant wait to meet the lo xxx


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