due xmas day

hello,i am 27 weeks plus 6 days,i am due xmas day,is anyone else due then?:\)


  • i'm due boxing day!! gonna keep my legs firmly closed Xmas day as don't want it then! wouldn't mind baby coming a little early!
  • im guessing mine will be early,well im hopeing so anyway!lol.i think 10th december its just sooo active.i dont know what im having but i dont look pregnant from behind and beans hearbeat is always quite fast.we tried to find out but the little monkey kept moving around.:lol:
  • I am due the 28th....am hoping to go early too (who doesn't).

    My first was 14 days late, would kill me if it rolled into 2009 !! but think it would be worse if I missed Xmas eve with my LO........all that excitement!!
  • I am due on 27th Dec. My daughters birthday is 23rd December so want to hold on till after that. She was 10 days late so this one will probably be the same!.

    Hoping it comes after xmas then I can buy birthday presents in the sale - such a tight mummy

  • hiya girlies..
    im due the 14th of december so im hoping mines dead on time lol.. couldnt go missing another xmas and i was pregnant last year 2 but lost it.. xxx
  • im not due then my son who now 22 month s was due 23 dec he came boxing day good luck
  • my mate is but she is having a c-section so they she will be having her little one a little early.
    I feel for all the babies due around then, they will grow up cursing there parents i know i did i was born on the 23rd of December and no mater how much ppl tried not to forget my birthday after a while they start to, they also stop making as big a fuss about it as christmas is just two days away and show me anyone that can aford to fo the over the top birthdays 2 days before christmas, my parents ended up having my partys a month before my actual birthday lol x
  • I'm due 27th Dec so my bet is either xmas day or new years eve!!! i'm not bothered really, my 1st lo was 8 days early so sods law says this one will be late ha ha.
    has anyone else found that when people ask you your due date and you say, they then look horrified and say horrible things like "oh that was bad timing" or "oh dear, poor you" its really starting to get on my nerves! at least 50 people have said comments like these, and not one person has said "isnt that lovely?"
    i think a christmas baby is wonderful! (yes and expensive too)
  • I think a christmas baby is wonderful and i think it is a special gift from up above im absoloutely nutty about christmas anyway if mine was due at christmas id be over the moon!
    The nativity scene springs to mind forme when i think of a christmas baby except not born in a stable with a donkey a cow and some wise men!lol.image
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