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I've just found out that i'm pregnant with my first baby this and have graduated to the new forum. Have been having a flick through and have picked up some great tips already. I've been getting some general neusea and some aching in my tummy. This seems quite normal though judging from the forum?? Anyway I just wanted to say Hi and if anyone has any great tips for a first timer I would be grateful!!

p.s my local maternity unit may go from being consultant run to midwife run? does anyone see this being a problem when it comes to the birth??



  • Hi lynda. I just wanted to say hi and welcome. I'm also in the very early stages of pregnancy with my first baby (6+1). Ooh I'm not sure about your local maternity unit situation, but this site is great, I'm sure someone will tell you whether it's good or bad. Good luck xxxxxxxxxxxx
  • hi and welcome! about the midwife led hosp has consultant section and a new midwife led unit...the midwife led unit seems to be preferable but the consultant (normal labour ward) is for when there are problems or you need to be induced, but as far as i can see, midwife led is more relaxed, less clinical etc...this is my second baby and the first time i found it very clinical but im looking forward to the midwife led approach!i dont see it being a problem, for me it will make labour better, more relaxed etc.x
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