Just had to share with you ladies

I just went to go to the toilet at work (don't worry the story does get vaguely more interesting) I sat down as usual happily peeing away and when I went to get up I couldn't..................because I was wedged between the sanitary bin and the wall, OH YES thats right I'm so fat I can't go to the toilet anymore. Daer good lord I burst out laughing and had to lift the sanitary bin up and over my legs and place it in front of me image (I hasten to add I'm only a size 16 so it's not like I'm 40 stone or anything like that) I then got up and rather than picking up the bin and putting it back I trip over it and go flying out of the door with my kacks round my ankles. Luckily there was no one in the toilets at the time :S So I quickly pulled up my trousers put the bin back looked in the mirror and ran out.

Thought I would share with you how stupidly small our toilets are and that pregnant women and sanitary bins are a hazard.....maybe the bin planned to do it to me as I have not provided it with any tampons since september hmmmmmmm.



  • lol!! oh my gosh u had me in stiches!! im still laughing now!
  • Honestly it was ridiculous I might bring a bucket in to use from now on as clearly I need to resort back to my caveman days x
  • I was at Wacky Warehouse this morning and could only get in the cubicles (admittedly made for the littlies) by doing this strange kind of hopping sideways and twizzling round the door to get in! It took a few attempts and some rather strange looks especially when I got the giggles as I sat down on what felt like a bucket on the floor!!! My knees were up in the air and I was kind of laid back to accommodate my bump!
  • you girls are so funny, thanks for the giggle! image :lol: :lol:

  • lol every other fri i meet my mum in the city (she lives 30 miles away and doesnt drive) so we meet for coffee and shop!!
    at being 36 weeks my bladder needs emptying every 5 mins and public tolits are crap !!
    everyweek i have to struggle to even get in the cubicle ! and ours are so small that the door practically touches the tolit when open so trying to turn to shut the door is impossible !!! and yes i have had to move the sant bin 2-3 times as i cant get up !!!
    things we do hey !!

  • when I was pg with DD it 'tried' to use a portaloo, I could only just get the door closed, but needs must and I squeezed in!!
  • There is that law still in place where a police man has to let a pregnant lady pee in his hat if there are no decent toilets near by. When you go out just ensure there is always a uniformed policeman around image
  • LMAO, if you ever ask a policeman for his hat will you make sure you get a photo for us! I don't have a problem getting stuck in toilets as I usually have Millie with me and so have to go in the disabled toilet to get the buggy in anyway. Even I can't get stuck in a disabled toilet lol.
  • lol thats funny !!! i have a mate whos a police man !! that could be funny lol !!

  • Maybe if we try and start a new trend for preggo ladies by buying our own policemans hat and wearing it around town then whenever we need to pee just squating over it (who cares about diginity!!) and if anyone says anything to you just wave and point in one direction saying "it's the law you know!! plus it belongs to that policeman over there" or point at dh if he is with you and then leave him to deal with it image
  • hilarious caz i had a similar problem at 35 weeks where i fell out with a sanitry towell bin but it was all behind closed doors!!!!!!!!!!! can you imagine if there was a que of girls waiting! and yes many of times when i was bursting for loo i joked about the helmet thing my friends husband is a copper i must ask him if any one has ever asked.
  • Def find out if he has been asked westbrom I wonder if they then have to put hat back on after owman has peed in it??surely not.
    I might try and sue the toilet for damages I feel alot of emotional distress towards them now and I'm scared to pee lol perhaps I should just sit the sink although imagine I would get stuck there too.
  • LOL! How funny! The ladies toilet is ages away from my classroom and in recent weeks I have been known to use the loos for the 5 year olds! They are so low down I feel as if I may be sitting on the floor. Luckily there are no sanitary towel bins in them for me to knock over, although being as clumsy as I am at the mo, I'm sure I would manage it!
  • i wouldnt recommend peeing in sink babe and i cant see why a copper shouldnt put helmet back on his head. i have allways wanted to piss on a copper
  • lol if i squatted that low id never

    get up !!!
  • ha ha that give me a really good giggle!
    Tammi xxx
  • This is soooooooo funny.

    Caza - how the hell did you know that law about peeing a policemans helmet????

    I had a struggle at a service station the other day. Was so desperate I somehow got stuck between the door and toilet dispenser - that was bad enough but hearing you got involved with the s.t. bin tooo lmao!!!!!
  • OMG!!! Are you ok Caz? :lol:
    Take a big stick with you next time. You can beat the bin into submission before entering the cubicle :lol:
  • LMAO...thanks for sharing that with us CAz...really did tickle me!!!

    Katie and bambino.x x x
  • wow thats a big convo on toilets lol. i have to admit though, when my 2 year old has a poo in our downstairs toilet i can only just get in to wipe his bum then he has to stay on the loo while i backtrack out so he can get out so i can get in to flush ha ha its the bloody sink in the way!! x
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