A bit gutted (rant!)

I'm just so frustrated! My hubby is a welder and he lost his job back in Sept,there is hardly any work out there at the moment so we've been scraping by on benefits since then. It's been very hard,especially with 2 kids already! My mum and nan have helped out a lot,buying food and bits for the kids but so far we are managing. Last Monday hubby had a call from the agency that used to get him work saying that a few new jobs were coming in at the end of the week and to phone them then. Thank God! No more scraping by and feeling like a bum,the future is bright again etc etc....but on Weds hubby slipped on ice and twisted his knee quite badly,we went to A&E where they diagnosed sprained ligaments,they gave him crutches and a physio app for Tues. So he phoned the agency and said that he couldn't start for an extra fortnight which was ok.

But yesterday we had a call from the hospital to say that his x-ray had been looked at by the radiologist and there is a "suspicious" line,which is possibly a fracture. He needs to have a knee screening rather than physio now on Tuesday. I'm so gutted,we've got the scan on Friday so wanted to tell family on the weekend. But if it IS broken I know that rather than congratulating us they will be concerned that we can't afford it. I've kept quiet about this pg for so long now,knowing that by now the situation would have improved,but literally two days before it does this happens. Obviously that means that he may not be able to return to work for another 6 weeks,assuming the jobs haven't all been snapped up!

All I wanted was for people to be happy for us but I can't see it at the mo....Fate is a bitch! Sorry,just a rant,had to get it off my chest!

K 11+1 x


  • poor you hun, fingers crossed he has not broken it. i am sure your family will be happy whatever. take care. xxx
  • Oh poor you! Hope it's just a fracture, I also hope everyone will be happy for you regardless of any concerns, a new baby is always a happy event. Good luck for Tues, and for your scan Fri.
    Ames x
  • Ah well,my mum asked today if I wanted to tell her anything,ahem! I couldn't deny so she now knows. I got exactly the reaction I was expecting,she was shocked and worried due to our situation at the mo. I know she's just worried about us but it will be sorted soon and I'm a bit gutted that on none of my now 3 pregnancies has she said congrats or been happy for me! Oh well,such is life I suppose,she'll come round soon!
  • my mum is the same hun! I fell pregnant with my first when I was 15 so couldnt exactly expect her to be happy about that one but I fell pregnant with Theo when Abby was 4 and I was 20 and I told her the day after I married my husband and she couldnt be happy for me! She didnt even say congratulations and was really negative throughout the whole pregnancy when she had no reason to be as I was married and living in our own home. I fell pregnant with this one when Theo was 2 months old. it was a complete shock but my hubby and I soon came round to the idea but when I told her she was furious! Despite the fact that I'm a married woman with 2 beautiful children and I think I'm quite a good mum she still thinks I shouldnt have had any of my children.
  • Oh thank god I'm not the only one! I got pregnant with my first when I was 16 so didn't expect happiness and my second was only 2 months after I met my now hubby so a bit quick! But this time,I know the money situation isn't great but we're trying hard,i work 2 jobs,we've been together nearly 4 years and married 8 months! I know she'll come round again but I really wanted a positive reaction as this will be my last baby.

    I did laugh though because I'm really really useless at ironing,so I fold all the clothes when they are wet so they are flat and my mum said,well,you'll HAVE to learn to iron now you'll have 3 kids!! Twisted logic me thinks....xx
  • I am 23, married, we own a house and a business and we got a negative reaction from OH's parents. Sometimes people just can't be pleased!!
    Sorry to hear about you having a crap time at the mo! Good luck, you should hope it is broken not sprained, a break heals quicker!!
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