Feeling Rose move less?

Hi girls

I am only 20+6 today so I know I still wont get to feel Rose every day though for the last week or so I have felt her every day and at certain times and they have been getting stronger, where the last couple of days since I had that little bleed last thursday I have felt her less?

I used the doppler this morning and could hear her though it was fainter than last night but that could be to where he is and on the train I really looked out for it and I got 4 nice big kicks but I am still a little worried.

K xx


  • go to the hospital and they can do a trace for you if you are really worried. image that should reassure you some.
  • I am at work i am not really really worried not enough to go to the hospital. I was there last thursday and they checked her heart it was beating 156 and they checked for blood inside and so on and said all was ok. I guess the lack of movement has just made me feel a little worried.

    K xx
  • Morning sweet. I'm sure all is fine and its nothing to worry about. Rose could just be lying in a different position. As you said you've heard her heartbeat and felt movement today, which is great. If you're really concerned speak 2 mw. Its not long til your scan now and that will put your mind at ease too. Lisa 18+4
  • I am sure everything is alright, maybe she has moved and is kicking to the back so you might not be feeling her as much.

    But like Lucretia said if your really worried the hospital is the best place for you, they will do a trace on the Rose's heartbeat over a 20 min period, and dont worry babe you wont be wasteing their time either, its what they are there for

    AnneMarie xx
  • I'm sure everything is fine and if you've felt her move 4 times already today then I don't think you need to be worried. You could always call your midwife just for some reassurance though?

    My midwife wouldn't do a CTG until I was 26 weeks! I went in at 25+4 worried about movement and they just checked his heartbeat. I did have a trace last weekend though after reduced movement and it was really reassuirng, even though he took over an hour to meet all the criteria, little monkey!

    32+4 x
  • My hospital is the same as Goonie - they wouldn't do a full on monitoring until around 26-weeks ish... but the midwife / doctor would check the baby's HB with their doppler.

    I think 20-weeks is still too early to feel a lot of movements everyday so please don't panic too much!

    But def. call your midwife and see what she says as they are all different and will suggest / do different things.

    Joo xxx
  • Thanks girls, yeah thats what i thought i am still ealry on so they would most likely check the heart beat and then send me on my way. I think it's because I know this time next wek I have my 20 weeks scan and I always get worried around scan times. Plus like this is a big scan you know.

    I was very very pleased I felt 4 nice kicks this morning it was like she heard me willing her to move you know. It most likely is the way she is laying.

    Thanks I just needed to be told I was worrying over nothing image

    K xx
  • When Angus goes quiet, I will him to move too and he often does a minute or two later!
    Good boy for Mummy!
  • It's odd eh, its like I was saying please move please let me feel you and then she did 4 nice big kicks, they are getting stronger as well which is wonderful. They are doing as they are told already LOL

    K xx
  • haha she wil be a good girlie for her mummy! x
    30 wks today!!
  • omg 30 weeks today girl!!! how you feeling??

  • I know, 10 weeks to go....arggghhh!! Feeling ok ta, better now finished antibiotics for the urine infection. Also feels great to have all her stuff ready (except realised yesterday I still need bedding for the moses basket, a steriliser/bottles for expressing etc, lol!) in case she's early. You feeling better today fainting wise? x
  • Hi honey,
    I had a little scare at the weekend as he was a little quiet on Friday, I used my doppler and the heartbeat was fine but I was really worried. Since then he has been bouncing around so I think it may have just been the way he was lying.
    I think its coz you get used to feeling them you start to panic butIm sure everything will be fine and im sure your scan will be fine too.
    My scan is on Thursday and ive been reading other peoples posts about measurements and the kind of things that can come up so ive been worrying myself but really I should just think it is like every other scan and everything will be fine.
    Georgie 20+3 xxx
  • I can't believe you only have 10 weeks to go, I only feel like it was yesterday you told me you were preg you know. Your get it all sorted honey don;t you worry it must feel even more real when you have all the bits.

    I am feeling good thanks, no fainting this morning, still not feel great, I think I have got a bug or something felt funny since saturday but just going to rest when I get home.

    I felt really small bump wise yesterday in my dress but today in my shirt I look huge again LOL

    K xx
  • Lol, I am sure some days my bump looks bigger than others too, guess it depends on how baby is lying.x
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