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I'm scared.. Pic included.. Cm due in af in 2 days.

Hiya new ón thís and dont Know where to put this. 

Well I'm 27 have to kids was told I never would but 2 amazing surprise later and they were here.

I'm due af In 2 days.. I'm on the pill but period comes the week before I finished and this month I've been on antibiotics. 

My question is pic.. This cm. Is it sigm of infection or possible bfp on the way?? Had sex around ovulation twice.. Since been having lots of cm mixed between milky watery sticky and now yellow tinge.  Normally I stop b4 af but none this week and have symthoms but could also be af symptoms. I'm scared.



  • Sorry for spelling errors was really nervous writing this. If af don't show I will test afarid to test before. 

  • imageupdate 5 days late

  • Wow that's a def positive! I was gonna say that that type of CM is common during pregnancy


    Hi there guys, hope you’re all well? 

    After I ovulation I have been getting a bit of cm, which is really unusual for me. I’m usually dry, until a day or two before my periods. I have been getting cm every single day, not loads, just a small amount every time I go toilet confused It’s yellow/creamy n is sticky! I ovulated on CD14, currently on CD25, I have 3 days till my periods! I really hope I’m pregnant!!!😭 I’ve been trying for a year. 
     I had this 6 days after ovulation n been having it ever since.
    Hope u can help, thank you!!!
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