Warning to all

Warning everyone grannyvera is bk as granvera im gna report her or him now take no notice of granvera.


  • granvera thats not very nice, i think u shud keep your dirty opinions and nasty comments to yourself! no one wants you here tryin to upset pregnant woman and mothers!
  • i've also reported this weirdo to the moderator. I think he/she has some mental problem and perhaps if we all just ignore them they will hopefully go away! Hope all you mummies/mummies to be are well tonight. I'm currently working a night shift and am so tired/nauseaus!

    Love Lucy 11 + 3
  • hiya i havnt been on in a while and by the looks of it they has been a lot of trouble going on HOWS IS EVERY1 today xxxx
  • i'm good thanx mum2be. how are you doing? how far gone are you?
  • i m 21 weeks today i m having twins lol just moved in to a house its soo hard when your carring twins about lol how far on are you
  • oh wow! you lucky thing! I have twins that are 6 now, so i can sypathise with you about having to carry them around! Just try and get lots of rest and put your feet up!! I am 11 weeks ish - i'm yet to have a scan to confirm dates! Do you know what you are having or are they going to be a surprise?
  • iam having a boy and a girl my boyfriend is stilll shocked about having twins lol made him do most of the work anyways lol

    who that person being bitchy to every 1 on here ???

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  • i really don't know who they are. But they're causing a lot of upset - especially for mums-to-be. They obviously have no life! Congrats for having one of each, u have got ur family sorted in one go!! Do you have any names yet? Mine are called Ella-Mai and Tia-Anne!
  • Daclan Kai and Katlin Marie always loved them 4 names lol
  • what lovely names! I'm sure you'll enjoy them as much as i enjoy my girls. Twins can be double trouble, but are also double the fun! enjoy them, they grow up fast!
  • thank you xx 2 of my friends have had twins 1 friend had 2 boys and the other twin girls so i have had lots of time to get my self ready i mean my first pregnancy and i fall with twin how lucky is that lol :lol:
  • Very lucky indeed! Mine weren't planned, i had them on my 18h birthday which was great!! This one is planned though, and we can't wait!
  • awww bless well they are due 5 weeks b4 my 20th so lol
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