Should I be worried about brown blood during pg


I should be 5 wks pg tomorrow, and notice inside i have brown blood. Should I be worried about this or is it just red blood I need to worry about?

I know I am probably too early for a scan and I have not yet seen the midwife (as I am waiting for her call to meet up in 2 weeks time) - should I call her?

If you have spotted during pg, what colour is it and what was the reason for it when you reported it to the specialist or got it checked out?

Please help, Im desperate. I've already had a mc before


  • hi sevans,

    I have had brown blood twice now and when i got to the epu they told me brown blood was nothing to worry about if it was in small amounts its when you have red blood that they think something is wrong.
    I started with it when i was just 6 weeks i rang the midwife and they said it could be implantation in the womb causeing the blood but i wasnt happy with this and went to my doc who refered me to the epu i had a scan and they told me i had a haematoma (basically a small bruise) and it can be caused by anything.
    I think you have to wait untill you are 6 weeks untill you can be seen at the epu but i would ring your midwife just to be on the safe side.

    I hope everything is ok let me know what the midwife says x x x

  • I had a bit of pinky blood on Fri night. I phoned NHS24 who phoned the EPU and they told me to rest for 48hrs. Yesterday I was all clear but this morning when I got up I had brown spotting again. Phoned the EPU again and they want me to give them an update this pm, they said it's more than likely nothing to worry about though and it's very common.

  • Thanks ladies. I got in contact with the midwife and she said that no brown blood is fine and so she has booked me in for an early scan this Thursday. I'm really nervous and really really scared.

    My brown blood hasn't came on my pants yet, it has only been on my finger - which probably means it is still very light.

    Is it best to rest until I find out?
  • hun i know its hard but try not to worry. I had brown bleeding from 4weeks to 8 weeks every day. It was enough to cover a pantyliner some days and just spots other days but it never turned red. After about a week i went to epau and they decided to do bloods to check my hcg levels. Over 2 days they only rose a tiny bit and so they said it was a mc.

    however i went for scan a week later and all was well and im now 22 weeks! The only reason i got for bleeding was that it could be cervical erosion due to being on the pill in past which isnt harmful but may explain the brown blood, but they wern't really sure.

    I wish you lots of luck for the scan but if it isnt getting any heavier or turning red i would say its probably fine but i know you will worry until thursday anyway as anyone would. Take care and rest if you can and let us know what happens xxx
  • Thank you Lolly and Lily, you have helped me a lot. Thankfully the bleeding hasn't been a lot and its not been red, so hopefully it will be okay.

    Is it worth asking them to check my hcg levels when I am there as well as a scan, or is a scan sufficient on its own?
  • hey-you are lucky to get an early scan! My docs said no way unless also have agonising pains till 6 weeks. I will harrass them now! I have had brown spotting but also with fairly strong cramping/ twinges. its been for two days and then stopped again, so little probably wouldn't have noticed if not PG. My doc was lovely but did warn me that can be sign of mc (I did have pain as well which makes mc more likely) but now at six weeks and touch wood we are still hanging on in there. My doc advised to POAS just to reassure myself. Also he said theres no evidence that taking it easy will prevent mc at this stage-I did race for life on Sun! But if you need a chill I suggest you do. Best of luck with the scan hun X
  • Well i would advise just going with the scan because of what happened to me with the low rising levels as i was upset for a whole week thinkinking it was a mc, however i was told its rare to have such slow rising ones so im sure yours would be normal. The scan will be enough unless there is not yet a heart beat (comes between 6-7 weeks usually) as then you may need rescanned, however i had mine at 5.5 weeks and the wee heart was beating away so you may be lucky. Plus to check hcg they need to take blood twice 48 hours apart so unless the scan is indecisive you shouldnt need to.

    Good luck and i hope all is well xxx
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