Baby kicking q??

Hi all just wondering when you could feel your baby kick on the outside my oh is desperate to feel it imagexx


  • Hi Laurac,

    I have just started to manage to do this last week. I wasn't really trying but then saw my ytummy jump with a kick so thought you must be able to feel that! Im 23 weeks so should be any time now for you! Get him to try when bub is kicking high up as its easier for them to feel those..

    Good luck!
  • Hey Laurac, I started to feel bubs from about 20 weeks onwards but oh didn't feel bubs for a couple of weeks after that. Must admitt it takes alot of patience (sp) because as soon as anyone goes near my bump of watches it, all kicks seem to stop. When its just me (like now) bubs doesn't seem to stop kicking and can see my belly moving lots!
    Tammi xxx

  • My oh felt the first kick at around 23 or 24 weeks, but he probably could have done much earlier...its just that the baby doesnt seem to co-operate for anyone else but me! xxxx

  • I started feeling baby from 19 weeks and it is only in the last 2 weeks (23 weeks) or so that hubby has been feeling the little dear - it was kicking him in the back the other night as I had snuggled into hubby!
  • Hi, I am 35 wks 3 days and my baby will only move when I am relaxed, my partner James felt a small movement at around 20 weeks and then saw my tummy move properly on Christmas day ( 23 wks) but even now as soon as he puts his hand on my tummy she decides she wants to stay still, Im sure he thinks I lie when I say how much she moves.
  • I'm 21 weeks tomorrow, and oh felt the baby move about a week ago I guess. We found that the movements are strong enough to be felt on the outside (I've felt them a few times with my hand on my stomach) but the main problem is lack of cooperation from the baby! I'll feel a kick and call oh but then the baby won't kick again until he has got bored and wandered off! I'm sure it will happen for you soon though.
  • my oh felt lo kick at 20 weeks x
  • Ive been feleing baby kicking since 13 weeks 6 days and my mum has been feeling him/her for 4 days now.

    according to my scan im only 18 weeks 2 days today but doc measured me at 2/3 weeks further.

    does this sound too early?

    Everyday the baby kicks more and more and its so recognizable to me and now other people can feel it too
  • Hi

    This is my first and i started to feel him move at 16wks my husband felt him move at 17wks. That was by accident really, as i was half laid on him when baby kicked/moved. Thats when i realised i was feeling baby move and it wasnt wind.

    Its quite funny as the cat can feel him too, he kicks like mad when she sits on my lap! im now 21+5. xx
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