Hi pixie-woo!

hello there!...
nice to see someone on here from our pregnancy time!!!
how is your little one?....

I know its very early but i just cant wait to have another baby!.. It wasnt planned THIS early mind you.. but id be really happy..
Im still on maternity leave so dont know how this would stand for me going back; then to leave again for another!...

Let me know how you are!! be lovely to catch up!
keep your fingers crossed for me!!.. i really hope to be pregnant!

love Em xx

ps. sorry, dont know why its put two on!

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  • Hello Trouble! You do make me giggle.
    Spencer is good thanks, he turned 5 months on 20th and he's doing really well. He wasn't gaining enough weight for a few weeks but since starting solids (at 17 weeks) and switching to formula (at 19 weeks) he's come on leaps and bounds. He's sleeping 7pm - 7am without a fuss and is such a gorgeous little creature.

    Like you, I'm really looking forward to having another LO but I think we might wait until the end of '08 before trying.

    I'll keeping watching the forums for you BIG announcement.

    Take care
    Liz x
  • Hey.. its great to hear from you!
    Glad little Spencer is good.. My Lewis turned 6 months a few days ago.. so we were only a few weeks apart then, like you said!
    I, like you, am very lucky and have a dream baby who sleeps through from 7 until 7!.. we're the lucky ones!

    Im just absolutely sure im pregnant!.. dont know why!.. just hoping im right!..
    I'll keep you informed.
    Hopefully speak to you soon.

    Take care for now
    Em x
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