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I was just wondering how long it took you guys to get your BFP after you realised your AF was late ? Did you get many bfn's first ?

The reason I ask is I am 2 weeks late but have had 5 bfn's but no sign of AF, cant help but wonder if its just my body being really annoying or if I could be pg but its not showing ????

Hmmm - does sound like i'm clutching at straws doesnt it. :roll:


  • tbh a doc would probably tell you to wait till you have missed another period
  • I had several different test done and was negative but knew i was pg as when i dangled a needle hanging on a piece of thread it moved after that i got a clearblue and it was positive. When the needle goes round its meant to mean a girl and back and forth a boy
  • I tested positive on the day af was due - sorry not much help! Just because you've been getting bfn's doesn't necessarily mean you're not pregnant though. I would go see your doc and get a blood test done. Good luck! xxxx

  • Hi I tested the day my af was due and got a BFP then still no af so tested a week later and got a BFP. X
  • i tested 2 weeks after i was due and got a very strong bfp xxx
  • Hi! I tested on the day af was due and got a positive, but only faint. had to wait another couple of wks before the line was stronger. XXX
  • Yeah i'm thinking that i need to know so should go back to doc's, based on previous cycles my next af isnt for another 3 weeks and i'm not sure I can wait that long to see if it arrives !!
  • you can go to the drs like lara says as you have nothing to lose. Just bear in mind that s/he may turn you away and say wait until you have a second missed period. As it could dtermine pregnancy but it could also mean you ovulated later this month and therefore your period wont be until later. In terms of blood test, they may not do this either as it can take up to 2 weeks to come back anyway.

    When do you test?
    Aparently, if you test first thng in the morning, put the tip of the test in urine rather than urinating on it, the resutls are likely to be more accurate. Also what make are you using? Apparently the more expensive males such as clear blue are supposed to be better because they are more sensitive and can detect pregnancy even if you have only a small amount of hCG in your system.

    i have also read, that due to hormonal imbalance you may not get a positive reading straight away.

    Its up to you, let us know how things go image xxx

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  • Bumpety Bump i've tried all sorts. I've used cheap tests and clear blue and have done both the dipping and peeing options ! All bfn's.

    Its just strange for my af cycle to suddenly jump to being so long ! I've gone from 33 days to 37 to 40 to well i'm on day 54 now and still waiting quite a big difference !!
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