Boobies :)


I'm starting to get in a little bit of a panic.

I'm nearly 32 weeks and have not started lactating yet, my boobs have actually gone down as size since getting pg and have never hurt or even been sore. I had a breast enlargement 3 years ago but was told this would not affect my ability to breast feed and I was just wondering if it is normal not to be lactating yet? Can you sometimes only start after you have given birth?

I so badly want to at least try bf as I know it's best for baby.




  • Hey hun, its perfectly normal for you to not be lactating yet. some dont till after birth. my sister in law never did and was able to breastfeed straight from birth. so theres no reason you wont be able to. Glad to hear you going to be giving breastfeeding a go, good luck with everything
    Caz x x
  • I wouldn't worry. My boobs haven't leaked at all...silly as it is have you tried squeezing them?? I can get milk out that way (yes - I tried!), but don't actually 'leak'. Hope this carries on while BF!

    Oh yeh my boobs havent gone up a size either. Which I am thankful for as I was big enough before! xxx

  • Hi Caz,

    Thank you for that image I think I am starting to panic about every little thing now and I just want so badly to make sure I get everything right so my little boy gets the best start in life. Oh the joys of being a parent lol

  • Hi Caz, I havn't had any leaks or discomfort yet either and I am 32 weeks on Tuesday. I never had any last time round either and I fed Millie successfully untill she self weaned at 11 months so it really won't affect you feeding your lo.
  • ohhhhhh I'm 32 weeks on tuesday too image
  • Hi caz I will be 33 weeks on Saturday and havn't had any leaking either and boobs havn't changed at all much to oh disappointment, lol. But at 36E I am pleased they have not grown!!! Tammi xxx
  • Te he, I'll race you! TBH I'm expecting bubs a bit early as Millie was 10 days early but he'll probably turn up late knowing my luck!
  • im worring about this too im 37+1 and havent had any leaking and when i give em a squeeze nothing at all i really hope this is normal coz i really wanna bf!!!
  • I would really like to bf too but also have had no leakage yet (i haven't tried squeezing them tho LOL!!) so it is reassuring to know that there are people that were in the same situ and still managed to bf successfully!!
  • right now i have had some advice on this from mw n she recons its fine not to leak as for self milking i read a bit on a web page that says you squeeze for 2 seconds then relax then repeat as this is most like babies let down reflex?? but not to panic as some people can only self express when looking at a picture of or actually at baby as it can be emotionally triggered.
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