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Here goes. So I am apparently late from my period however it started on Saturday or so I thought. It is not fullfledged, but it is just a little bit of bleeding, some thibgscthat showed up in the toilet, and some mucusy/discharge stuff. I was reading the article on here about pregnancy symptoms and I believe I have some of them. I definitely have lower back pain. I've had weird pains around my ovaries.

To let you know, I have been late before but was not pregnant, and my period would show up. My husband also has prostate cancer and is recently off the shot for now, so his testosterone levels are just now starting to go back up. But he has been taking the lil blue pill and that has helped us in our sex life. I still believe it's possible because "with God, nothing is impossible"(Gospel of Luke)


  • II did a bleach test and it is just fixing, not foaming.image

  • Meant to say fizzing.  But when I threw it in the toilet it foamed.

  • Hi kmom, the only way to really know is by doing a test that detects that hormone pregnancy level. Sorry to hear about your husband diagnosis but you are definitely right anything is possible through God and I’m praying you all get your bfp soon. Fingers x

  • Hey I think the best thing to do is take a test not the bleach and yes you are right anything is possible. I actually am irregular with my periods haven't had a period since around April and got pregnant in July. Now I am 22 weeks pregnant. Im also sorry about your husband. Sending prayers your guy's way. Good luck! ♡

  • The bleach test is unreliable just take a proper  test. They say if it foams u are pregnant but it will foam regardless most of the time reacting with the ammonia in urine. Sounds like period symptoms to me especially if u have had bleeding with it even tho u say it's not like ur usual periods, but often they do play up a bit even when regular.take a pregnancy  test to get a definite result x good luck xx 

  • I started now. 

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