Excuse for not drinking at Christmas party

It is my Christmas party this week and I can't decide how to hide my pregnancy (only just found out, I'm about 5 weeks). I don't want to tell anybody yet as it is far too early!

I've been married 18 months and colleagues are already jokingly asking when I want kids etc and they will think it odd if I don't drink. I can't use the driving excuse or diet excuse as this has been in the diary for months.

Do I go with the antibiotics excuse or is that too obvious?

Do I just pretend to drink and ditch my glass every now and then?


  • So here is one I used will get you threw till week 12 if not longer if you want. I said I had blood clith and on blood thinners till my nest test and u can drink with blood cloths or thoes meds and no one will question it. I was in college and worked in a pub when I found out on my first.. I went out four times a week and when I announced my pregnancy people were I absolute shock :) best of luck and congratulations xx

  • I had mine last Friday. I drank soda water and just said I had an upset stomach that day and didn't want to irritate it. No one second guessed it.

    Honestly, I wouldn't worry, you can pretty much use any excuse and people will leave you alone: "I'm a light weight and already tired, so I'd rather not drink tonight", "Going for a blood test in a couple of days, so I shouldn't be drinking", "I've had a migraine all day and don't want to make it worse with alcohol", "I drank too much last night and don't think I can do it two nights in a row, still feeling the hang-over".

    These should all work fine ;) Congrats on your pregnancy!

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