Fading morning sickness

I am pregnant with my first and a am currently 8 weeks and 5 Days I saw baby and heartbeat at 7 weeks and all was well however the past few days my severe  morning sickness is pretty much gone and i can watch completely normal i am experiencing a lot of bloating and lots of binge eating but just don't know if this is okay I still have a very faint wave of nausea hit me every so often but feel so apprehensive to wether baby's okay anyone else experienced this?!


  • Morning sickness comes and goes. You curse it when you have it and then freak out when it goes. I'm sure all is fine. I was the same and it would come back a few days later.

  • Thankyou! You send yourself crazy over the smallest things when your pregnant

  • You really do and I hate to say it, it gets worse and doesn't stop when the baby arrives lol

  • Happened to me this pregnancy. I felt so sick at the beginning of 4w which was new for me bc I don't normally feel it til 5-6w and on. I was having trouble eating, had a nasty taste in my mouth, was so nauseous and falling asleep all the time. I thought maybe it's twins. It lasted a few days and then one day it was gone. I figured I was having one good day until the next day and the next I was still ok. I took another test and it was so light I started to freak. Few days later I begin to spot pink so I go to urgent care and they check my urine and it's positive then they do blood which was 317.7. I stayed spotting for 3-4 days but brown. Two days later I repeat the blood work and it's 866!! It tripled! I took another urine test at home and it was extremely dark. I'm 5+1 today and still feeling good. Every pregnancy is diff and everyone experience is diff. Try not to worry. 

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